Video #8

May 20, 2013

clearskyy and demonphoenix37 totally wreck shit in Borderlands 2. The video looks the best in 720p, but you can manage on the lower qualities. The cross chatter has some funny moments. I believe the audio gets better, this is the first episode where we're still flushing out all the bugs. We still get to the next area within 20 minutes. First level, first episode.

We kick the shit out of pretty much everything since we have beaten the game a few times and we know what we're doing. Sometimes we come across ways to get past parts of the game quicker. We move fast, so things don't get too boring.

We hope you enjoy watching us play this game, and pick it up yourself, it's hella fun.

[clearskyy comment: I apologize for my audio, we didn't realize I was using my webcam until after the break. the audio should be improved with the future episodes.]

author:  clearskyy





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