Story #5

September 27, 2013


You watch it in the dark.

Roundhouse all the lights.

Stare into the infinite abyss that is your television. Plasma engulfing your visual senses until you become a mute. A cannibal. You eat your roommates so you never have to leave your TV again. Rotting corpses being to fill the apartment as you start killing delivery people in order to sustain your lifestyle of never leaving the couch that sits in front of your TV. Anyone who comes to bother you only serves to be a meal. It puts the lotion on the skin. Your movie choices are becoming obscure. Soon you can't afford your Netflix account anymore and you gaze into the screensavers since you no longer have a way to entertain yourself, as your internet and cable have been cut from the apartment. SWAT surrounds the house as they plan to come and apprehend the serial murderer of apartment 3C only to find that he had starved to death moments before they got there.


I hand you a hamburger.

This is the third reported incident this week and all attempts to cover up these tragedies fell flat on their face. At first it started small: domestic deputes, and reports of family members acting violently towards pets.

Now this.

So far there hasn't been any leads to the exact cause of these random acts of violence, however from the few reports that we did end up receiving, the assailants have stated that nothing out of the ordinary caused these altercations. They did however mentioned that they did in fact had a hard time controlling their emotions and found themselves over reacting in the heat of the moment. It was very gradual, just this sort of tension that grew between those involved until a tipping point was reached and all hell broke loose. From all accounts nothing substantial happened to cause the tension, it was like the slime that slowly builds at the bottom of your bathtub, it's difficult to notice and once it's there it's hard to get rid of. At any rate, there is a lot more that is going to have to be uncovered before any sort of conclusion can be drawn from this mess.

You unwrap the hamburger and take a bite, staring up at the building that was just vacated. The remaining residents of the apartment complex were advised to stay with friends, relatives or in a hotel. There were several reasons for this, firstly is so that the investigation could take place without any resistance, while secondly at the same time protecting the residence of this apartment building from what might have caused this incident and lastly to prevent any accidental exposure to what might be in that apartment. People don't normally react well to the deceased or the associated traits, the main one of course being the smell of death and decay.

"I'm not exactly sure how you can eat at a time like this, aren't you worried about what we're going to find in there?"

"As much as I would like to say otherwise, I've seen my fair share of casualties." after a brief sigh, shaking your head you continue. "Here we go again, another strange ass occurrence with a dead end and several bodies."

I put my coffee down and nod, "Yep, another shit show, what do you think it was that drove this guy to become such a reckless recluse?"

"Hell if I know. I'd like to say I've seen stranger things, but this nearly takes the cake. The one thing I don't understand is how he managed to capture so many people, eat them and get away with it. I'm sure they didn't go quietly, you would expect that the neighbors would have heard something."

"Assuming they weren't the first victims. How do we know that he hadn't stalked and murdered them systematically before hand?"

"I'd hate to operate on assumption, but you do make a point. We'll have to go up and see I guess"

An officer comes out of the building making his way towards us coughing and holding a handkerchief to his face. He waves us in. I push off the cruiser I'm leaning against and begin making my way towards the building. Your partner crumples up the wrapper to his hamburger, and tosses it into the cruiser. The air is dry and cool and you adjust your coat and as we approach the residence of the cannibal in 3C.

"You guys are clear to enter. I was expecting to see some pretty disgusting shit in there but other than a weird smell and garbage, there really isn't much out of place. He wasn't very good at keeping the place clean but there isn't any indication that the reported missing people were ever there; not a single drop of blood to be found anywhere. How you manage to butcher a bunch of people and eat them without making a mess is beyond me."

"I've only seen one body bag come out of this complex, I thought the story was that there was a pile of corpses in this apartment?" you interject.

"I have no idea where you got that information, sir but I can verify that there no pile of causalities in there."

"Fantastic" you say as you make your way up the stairs to the apartment complex slightly relieved that you won't be encountering a blood covered apartment. It certainly wouldn't have been the first and sure as hell won't be the last, however it never gets easy to stand in that type of environment. Makes the hairs on your arm stand on end, knowing that someone died in the exact location you're standing in hours before you arrived. The downfall of this of course was that it would make acquiring any evidence of the victims, actually being present in the apartment very difficult.


author: clearskyy





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