Story #7

March 5, 2015

Nozlocke White

Nuvema Town

Professor Juniper stops by and drops off a gift while my good friend Cheren and I are standing in my bedroom waiting for Bianca to finally arrive so we can finally open our newly arrived gift. Bianca is late as usual but properly apologizes for the delay. We gather around the blue gift box with green ribbon and after quickly glancing at the gift card, we peer into the box. Inside are the Pokemon which we will finally start our Pokemon journeys with. I've always had a sort of connection to the Earth and find solace in laying the in the grass daydreaming of the adventures I might have one day. There have been lots of fun and laughter in the water close to home and I've always enjoyed smores by the campfires in our little town. It's the grass and its soft sweet smell and warmth during the summer days that just radiate love. Being nestled in the thick grass and passing out for a nap and waking up to my Mom calling me in for dinner. All of this I guess sort of swayed me towards my decision to pick a Grass type pokemon for my partner on my new and exciting journey!  

> Snivy joins the party!

Bianca starts a battle - The virgin pokemon battle commenses! - Snivy v Oshawott

> S: Tackle
> O: Tackle
> S: Tackle
> O: Tail Whip
> S: Tackle
> O: Tackle
> S: Tackle

Oshawott faints! A close battle! Snivy standing strong with only 9 health!

The battle completely destroys my bedroom -. -;;
Pokemon restored.

Battle #2 - Cheren's cherry popping battle begins now! - Snivy v Tepeig

> S: Tackle
> T: Tackle
> S: Tackle
> T: Tail Whip

Mistakes were made my friend, might as well turn this victory over to me.

> S: Tackle
> T: Tackle
> S: Tackle

Tepig hangs on with 1 HP! Snivy is at 8 HP! Palms are Mom's Spaghetti.

>T: Tail Whip

sigh of relief

>S: Tackle.

The battle is won! Snivy grows to level 6!


Mom being the caring person she is, heals my Pokemon and tells us that we better get going.

Nate obtained the Xtransceiver!

Bianca heads home and I follow her there to catch her father yelling at her. I stand silent and awkwardly by the door. She assures me that everything is fine and we head for the lab.

 > Snivy is nicknamed "Smithers"!

Nate obtained the Pokedex!

Mom greets us outside the lab and is not too surprised to find out that we have been chosen to fill the Pokedex for Professor Juniper.

Nate obtained the Town Map!

Holding back tears Mom bids us farewell having given us our last parting gift and hopes that we see all this region has to offer and that we grow up to be adults. I would be lying if I wasn't going to miss her as well, and that growing up away from home is kind of scary, I have Smithers to keep me company while we set forth on our mission! I can't wait to see what awaits me beyond Nuvema Town.

Route 1

Smithers - Lv 6

Nate obtained Poke Balls! I make my way into the tall grass for the first time!

A wild Lillipup appears!

Smithers: Tackle
Lillipup: Leer

Lillipup health is in the yellow and I try and throw a PokeBall!

> DogWonder (Lillipup) joins the party!

With my new pokemon companion we head to the next town to heal up!

Accumula Town

Smithers - Lv 7
DogWonder - Lv 2

Professor Juniper is waiting for us in Accumula Town to show us the Pokemon Center. 

there seems to be a demonstration in the plaza

Ghetsis - Team Plasma - Pokemon Liberation

N starts a battle! - voice of pokemon

Purrloin v Smithers!

P: Growl
S: Vine Whip
P: Scratch
S: Tackle
P: Scratch
S: Tackle
P: Scratch
S: Tackle

Okay, this battle is dragging on a little bit and I hope Smithers can hang on!

P: Scratch
S: Vine Whip

I honestly don't know why I thought that would have taken Purrloin down, the other Vine Whip seemed incredibly ineffective. 

P: Scratch
S: Tackle

Pokemon trainer N defeated! Suck it you weird talking green haired son of a bitch. I'd make my hair green too if that was an option...


We head back to Route 1, time to get DogWonder and Smithers a little tougher. The first few pokemon go down easy enough, switch out DogWonder, for Smithers while battling Lv 4 pokemon. DogWonder levels up to Lv 3, our bonders grow stronger!

Enter Lv 3 Petrat - A rival match for DogWonder!

D: Tackle
P: Leer

Typical bitch move.

D: Tackle.
P: Tackle.

Just a flesh wound, he's in the lower yellow we got this in the bag.

P: Tackle - Critical Hit!


S: Vine Whip

Smithers quickly dispatches of the Petrat as I fall to my knees clutching DogWonder, he looks at me right in the eyes and says wryly.

"These past few battles have really made me happy. It was great to finally have a partner to fight for. I guess life is kind of unexpected like this, I know that we're both new at this. I know that nothing we did was careless. Learn to love my pokemon brothers and sisters as I have learned to love you."

I buried DogWonder in the softest spot beneath a shady tree where the Autumn leaves kiss the soil above him and stay to keep him company.

Route 2

Smithers Lv 8

I enter Route 2 and walk into the tall grass and a Pokemon jumps out at me!

A lv 7 Patrat! FIGHT! Go Smithers!

S: Vine Whip
P: Bite
S: Vine Whip
P: Bite
Go PokeBall! It failed :<
P: Bite
PokeBall go! Timon is caught!

Timon joins the party!

Now we try and get to the pokemon center as quickly as possible.

Oh of course Youngster Jimmy challenges me to battle! 

Timon vs Patrat


Timon wins!

Striaton City

I enter the city and immediately head to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon. The first gym I will have to face is in this town. As I approach the gym to make my challenge, I am told that the Gym Leader isn't around by at the Pokemon Academy down the road. I head over to the school and don't find anyone who looks like a Gym Leader, but my good friend Cheren is there. I approach him and he challenges me to a battle! Timon and Smithers quickly dispatch of his pokemon with ease!




Striaton City

Smithers - Lv 13
Timon - Lv 11
Bellyflop - Lv 11

author:  clearskyy





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