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April 25, 2013

No shortcut on my desktop means the program isn't installed right?

I received a work order to take a look at a computer in another department to see if it needs some software installed. If the software is missing I just jump on the network drives, pull the software and install it, easy as cake. So I drive to the other building, make my way to the office where the computer is and talk to the reception. They inform me that the person who requested the software isn't around, either they're not in for the day or they're out, at any rate they buzz me in and I make my way to the office. It's a short walk and I flick on the light of the office to find it really clean and slightly empty feeling. I look over to the desk and find the PC, I walk over and sit down in the chair.

It's always strange sitting at someone else's desk, there is always some feeling of not belonging that makes me want to leave. This is strange considering that all workstations should more or less be ready for anyone to use, regardless of who currently works there. I click on the seemingly old PC and search for the mouse and keyboard which is hidden under the desk by one of those sliding trays. Not only is the case for this PC on its way out, but the tray, keyboard and mouse are made out of cheap plastic and I feel bad that this mystery person has to use these all the time.

As per usual, after the computer boots up I take a look at what makes this machine tick and to my surprise its actually got some good guts given that its case is lame and the external devices could use an update. After some searching and looking through the menus I find that the software that was requested is actually on this machine. The problem is that there aren't any shortcuts to it. This was a really lame waste of time. I create the link as well as a few others that might be useful and shut down the machine. I honestly can't complain about an easy fix, and I did get out of the office for a bit so that was cool. I just wish people would learn how to navigate, it's honestly not that difficult to create a shortcut on an XP machine.

author: clearskyy





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