Review #92

November 12, 2013

Better late than never, amiright?

So, if you're bored and would like a very "Facebook Game" type app on your phone that has zombies and lots of other goodies in it, look no further.

This game is pretty robust given that it's a mobile game. So you start out customizing your character, and to begin with you get some shitty options, but the sheer amount of items you can customize your character with later on is pretty impressive. The art work in this game is really well done, it's cartoon-y but very effective. So far I haven't come across any clothing options that have any sort of bonus, I think that is reserved for armor and weapons. The weapon and item bonuses come in handy and you'll notice when they're not there to save your ass.

The weapons break and increase in damage as you level up making the game have some really nice balance between tanking it up and having to repair weapons or deciding to scrap them for betters. There is a definite inventory management aspect to this game that makes you really prioritize which items you need and what can be secondary. In missions this makes things harder by taking up inventory slots with needed items. There are mission weapons which have nice bonuses and other neat things you will come across.

This game is a lot like any other Facebook/Mobile game in that you need energy and or resources to complete attacks or scavenging. There are energy pick ups that you can get by scavenging or by luck when you hit an enemy. You can also spend your level up points on extra energy if you don't mind not buffing up your attack or health.

Leveling up

Heroic attributes. So in this game it is simplified how you decide to level your character, which is that you pick either Attack, Health, Luck or Energy. Personally I went the Luck route because I like when I get criticals and having money or energy pour out of my enemies when I smack or shoot them. You will want to increase your other attributes later however because the game starts to get pretty difficult if you have to keep fleeing due to your pathetic attack damage or health bar.

Traversing the city

Progressing requires that you kill the zombies that are in your path, normally this is one to three zombies that are easily killed, however they will attack you if you decide to go close range and will approach you after every shot with a range weapon. Every once and a while you will encounter stronger zombies in your path, these sometimes require several energy/health bar regens to complete, but feel very gratifying in the end. The great thing about this game is that it remembers how much damage you have done to the enemy while allowing you to flee (and take some damage) in order to heal your character and resume later to take them out. So long as you flee before your health bar falls below 20 or so (usually you receive 12 damage when you flee, at least I do currently). You can exit the app, heal up, and get a notification when its done, and go back and kick that zombie's butt. awesome.

Questin' Time

The quests in this game don't suck that bad. Some are fetch quests and stronghold acquisition, which will seem very familiar to some, and will seem like a zombie setting painted over other RPGs, which is true, but this game is so well done that I can over look that. I enjoy the dialog and the characters that I'm willing to hack and shoot my way through these quests in hopes that we can escape the zombie infested city with my comrades. The quests have gotten better since I first installed this game in that the notification arrows of where your directive is, actually work, where there was a while where they didn't' show up and I walked to the edge of the map to find out that the objective was in the third block of the map. Goddamn that was a long way back.

Final verdict?

I give this game a solid B rating. It's fun, and definitely worth trying out, especially if you're into zombies and dressing up characters and getting interesting weapons. The humor in this game is a definite plus. Its free, and if you don't like it, just delete it, no harm no foul.






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