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April 26, 2013

I know what you're going to say, "clearskyy, the xbox 720 is on the horizon, why the fuck would I care about a remote of all things for the xbox 360". This my condescending friend is because this thing is actually worth considering and here's why.

If you're like me you basically live off your xbox for about 50% of your entertainment. You play video games off it and probably stream Netflix or Crunchyroll. One of the most annoying things about streaming or watching a DVD* is the fact that the episodes or movies last way longer than your controller stays idle. Which is a good thing because having your controller die is a complete downer and a hassle, especially if you went out and bought the recharge packs, so now you have to recharge the pack and do something else, fuck that.

This remote gets rid of that problem and that's because it doesn't need to be turned on, its just there waiting for your command and it executes it very gracefully. I will admit the plastic circle D-pad in the center that looks like an iPod so your first instinct is to run your finger around and navigate that way, but you have to press down. That wouldn't be too much of a problem if the click wasn't so subtle to the point it feels a little feeble, it honestly could be a little more responsive. The other buttons are rubbery and nice to the touch, I haven't had a need to use them yet so I don't really know how responsive they are.

You can map this remote to work with your television as well, which is a plus, something I haven't bothered to do yet, but I probably will when I stop being lazy. I didn't find a list of remote codes much like often found with universal remotes, but I'm sure its lost in the packaging somewhere. Right? oh well, this is why we have Google right?

After navigating xbox's ridiculous website I found a link to download the complete list of remote codes for the xbox media remote.

Honestly this remote is pretty and slim, much nicer than its predecessor, but that's just aesthetics. However the layout seems a bit better thought out this time around.

I thought the first one was so ugly I didn't bother, I also remember it being expensive to the point that I thought it was totally not worth it. The new remote however is a cool $20, definitely worth it. I can honestly seeming myself using this remote a lot and it'll save my batteries in my gaming controllers for game time. These two positives alone for this thing make it a definite buy in my book.

*It's really unfortunate for Microsoft couldn't bother to go Blu-ray, remember HDDVD? ahaha, me either. Those external players were so ugly and then there we're practically no HDDVDs out. Remember how goddamn expensive they were? man what a fuck up. MS needs to learn that you can't force consumers to bow down to what you think is right. Let's throw an expensive DVD player looking thing onto of the $300+ price tag. Meanwhile the PS3 came with Blu-ray installed. The PS3 didn't have any games but when it did they were amazing, they should have seriously staggered their launch to get their hardware right while the games were being developed, but what do I know. In the end both Sony and MS make more money faster than they can spend it. 

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