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May 29, 2013


Ever dream of being a space ninja? No? Well, neither have I.


Warframe is a third person hack 'n slash/magicky/shoot-em-up run around acrobatic co-op experience that's pretty damned interesting; with tough boss battles, weapon customization, and upgrade-able perks and skills, what's not to like? A whole fucking lot, but I'll get to that after I make the game sound somewhat appealing.


Well, there is some semblance of a story, but it's confusing as fuck and practically non-existent: some all-seeing space ju-ju bitch called the "Lotus" makes you do mercenary work on different planets against a  few different factions for... some reason [this is literally all I know about the story, and I've played this a LOT]. Luckily, the actual gameplay makes up for this huge lack of explanation by being very addicting, tons of gore, ridiculous acrobatics, four player co-op, and constantly improving loot.

As a little background on who you play as, you play as a member of the Tenno, an elite group of space-ninjas who take on mercenary work and tasks from the aforementioned "Lotus". Your Warframe grants you perks and proficiencies in sneak, physical power, health, and just about any attribute you can think of, making getting a new Warframe a pretty big deal and a huge game-changer when it comes to how you approach a situation. The basic frame, Excalibur, is all about balanced stats and prowess with a sword, whereas the Rhino frame is about tanking and crushing foes with heavy guns and a hammer or axe. Another frame, the Loki, is all about trickery, sneak, and silent killing. 

The amount of gear in this game is... insane. And since this game is free to play, you'd expect that you would have to dough out real cash to get some of these crazy items. WRONG, MOTHERFUCKER. These items are all purchasable with the man's currency: hard work. Real cash is a shortcut, not a must in this game, making you want to push harder and harder to actually get the good stuff (which you can mod like crazy). Guns, swords, axes, abilities, new Warframes, and sooo much more are offered in this game, making navigation of the store a somewhat arduous task. 

Anyhoo: there's a fuckload of enemies ALL THE TIME. End of an average match, I'll walk with 70 enemies killed, and the rest of the team will have similar scores, meaning there's about 300 enemies per level. Some levels, the team I was on walked with over 125 kills each. Levels aren't short, either: while the objectives are usually pretty simple,  the "Lotus" will chime in over comms and say that objectives have changed and the number of enemies/difficulty will suddenly spike through the damn roof.

The mod system is pretty unique, and is based on combinations of different abilities to augment existing ones or ones you're working towards. It's... tough to describe, and can really only be explained by having it shown to you (which I blatantly refuse to do).


Well, it all feels... rushed.

While I really enjoy this game, fact remains that it's buggy as fuck. You'll be running along and BAMPF you're under the level and dead or BAMPF you're stuck in a wall. Plus, the servers are constantly going down and experience some sync issues where you won't get any progress after a 12 minute mission because "server could not sync".

Additionally, the missions get sort of repetitive unless you really, really feel like fucking up people constantly. Oh, and you need to have a party of four sometimes, so get used to having to rely on the somewhat spotty teams on the network.


This game is graphically amazing, and is right up my alley with it's solid gameplay and great design. 

...but the bugs are pretty bad. 

I hate to stand as a body divided on this, but this game really is 50/50. Fun to play, frustrating to deal with on the tech side when the game doesn't work right.






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