Review #53

It took a while to get my cats to get along once we got Zelda from the OSPCA. The cats were at arms. A couple weeks later they finally can stand to be in the same room without some massive fights and hissing action. I always thought that it was unfair how my other cats had such a disadvantage since they were de-clawed and Zelda wasn't. Something had to be done and we had to get a way for him to get his urges out without destroying our furniture.

So we decided to get the Super Scratcher Plus, now what ever treaty agreement was established between my cats to cause the cease fire, was completely nullified the moment this scratcher was cracked open and laid on the floor. The cats immediately took to it and the game of domination began. Zelda began scratching it with all his might and was obviously have a good time. The other cats had to get at this thing and after they chased him away and had their time they went from refined divas to drooling idiots. It was hilarious, there was no taking them away from this thing.

I never realized the effects of organic catnip before purchasing this cat scratcher but apparently it causes some apparent high but drives them to be really territorial about possessing this strange green smelly substance.

At any rate, this thing does what it says it does. Zelda stop scratching things and just focus' his attention on the cardboard scratcher on the floor. It helps that it comes with a bag of catnip to keep their attention and to have some additional kitty fun.

Really effective and worth the price of 17 or so dollars. If you need one for your kitties, buy one!






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