Review #93

December 5, 2013

Tired of FPS, but don't want to stop shooting things? Well I have the game for you. This rougelike survival platformer is as challenging as it gets. The even on the Easy setting I was having a hard time keeping up and just surviving! This game is small on your hard disc, pixilated and very charming to look at. The music is amazing and fits right in. What's great about this that all the levels are randomly generated, which means every run through is unique to the last, fuck yeah.

The idea here is that you get one life, hold it precious my dear reader as just like the real world, you only have one chance to make it on this strange planet. Chances are you're going to die, a very painful pixilated death, probably to a flying jellyfish at that. 

This game plays a lot like the Borderlands series in that most of your survival relies on the loot. The loot is random and can add great benefits to your character or be completely useless. This game is relentless like that, more often than not the items help you out. I believe there are 100 items in the game that have their own added benefit, however I haven't gotten that far to see how they all are, I seriously doubt you'll live long enough to collect them all, good luck.

This game is brutal and doesn't give two shits about the player in that, the monsters will come and kill you and they will do so with a smile on their face. You will feel their pixilated wrath. Run, I will say that, depending how you traverse the map, just might help you cause. I found that running around to help a little bit, but you can't run forever, the monsters will just spawn on your location after a while. It's particularly annoying when you obviously should ascend and the enemies all decide to have a spawn party on the platform you need to get to next. Prepare to fight your way up chaps.

To elaborate on this point, so far I've haven't had a game last more than probably 10 minutes. I did manage to get to the first boss on my second run through, however on my first run through, I didn't make it past 6 minutes of chaos. These games are short but very fast paced, you'll never find yourself bored, and you'll never find yourself not trying to mash the keyboard while you wait for your abilities to come back from cooling down.

A lot of the items in the game can be bought using money that you can earn by killing enemies, which is great because they're loads of those, the problem with that however is that you'll also level up, increasing their spawn rate, better find those shrines and containers fast!

I should mention that the game's controls rely on the keyboard, you use the arrow keys to move and the z, x, c, v keys to activate 1-4 of your characters abilities. 1 being a primary shot with no cool-down, 2 being long range with a 5 second cool down, so on and so forth. Very interesting choices in terms of how the characters abilities behave and that in itself adds its own challenge because at certain points, you'll find yourself panicking with no abilities to save your ass.

There are a whole bunch of characters, none of which I have unlocked at this point but I have to assume they have different weapons and abilities, they sure look different. I look forward to unlocking them and giving you guys a heads up. Assuming you don't go hunting down a wiki or something.

In terms of weapons, I haven't found any that change how you play your character, however there are add-ons, in that I found a rocket launcher item, this didn't give me a rocket launcher but every once and a while a rocket would come out of my butt. Very helpful I might add since it was a seeking missile.

This game has online multiplayer which is a welcome. I have to assume it behaves a lot like the Borderlands series where the game gets harder (I sure hope not) when your comrades jump in to lend you a hand. Now you can experience the pain of extraterrestrial death together! how fun. It's a definite plus in my book, that's for sure.

Considering the price for this game is relatively low (10 bones, might be cheaper on Steam, depending on sales) and the amount of time you could spend playing this game is high, I'm going to have to definitely recommend you get this game and get going with your friends.

A quick word of caution is after reading their FAQ, if you manage to unplug your controller from your PC while the game is running, it runs real slow. Keep your controllers plugged in dudes and dudettes.

Catch you next time!






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