Review #42

Friday, March 15, 2013 07:13 am

Hello there,

I've written some satirical articles in the past and figured it'd be time to write a serious one this time. I recently downloaded "Real Racing 3" from the google play store. The screen shots looked too good to be true. Honestly, this is the best graphics I've seen on my Nexus 7 and it's FREE! 


Real Racing 3 starts you off with two car choices; the Nissan Silvia and the Ford Focus RS. I chose the Silvia because "hektic skidz yo." And from there you participate in multiple race styles to build cash and driver level. I compare this game to a light weight but very impressive alternative to Forza. 


In the regular modes such as "head-to-head, autocross, endurance, etc" you steer by turning the tablet and braking with either thumb. Now, I don't usually care for turning the whole device to steer but this game executes it beautifully. You get full lock to lock with just a little bit of movement and it isn't overly sensitive. There are breaking, turning and traction control assists but I recommend turning them off to get full control of the car. 


Now this game could be great even without the visuals but "GOT DAYUUUM" they look amazing. How does this run on the Tegra 3? No effing clue. I have experience some frame rate drop during endurance races with lots of cars on screen but it was far from unplayable. Overall, this is the best looking game I have played on the Nexus 7. 

Free but not so free?:

Ok, so this game is free to download. I have completed 3 "seasons" so far. And I haven't had to stick a dime into the game. However, EA has implement some features to encourage you to dump money into the game. You have in game credits and tokens. To upgrade your car/ perform maintenance you have to wait an absurd amount of time (1-5 minutes) or use tokens to "get it now." You start off with 20 tokens. I'm down to 2 now. So I will have to purchase a few shortly. Tokens cost anywhere from 10 cents to 19 cents depending on how many you purchase.


I give this game a 7/10. As for a racing game on the nexus I give it a 9/10.


written: by mrfixit