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April 27, 2013

'What is it?'

Gaming Mouse


There is tons of details and info from the manufacturer and newegg about this mouse. Let me be quick concise and let yo know why I think this should be the mouse of choice for you despite 'Razer is crap' and 'Mouse feels cheap' etc.


I love the ergonomics of this mouse. It literally fits my hand perfectly. No claw gripping of the mouse as pointer and index feel at home lying down comfortably on the left and right click buttons. My thumb is also perfectly fine with is positioning on the two thumb buttons which are not these tiny buttons shoved into the side bezel like most mice. These are fitted so nicely that a rocking motion of the thumb is all that is need to distinguish from either of the two. All the buttons and scroll wheel included have superb tactility. Every scroll and click lets you know for sure you have done what you have intended. The mouse isn't hard plastic either. Coated with a matte finish makes it not only easy to clean but makes it very pleasurable to hold in the hand for hours at a time. 

It's responsiveness is definitely amazing considering. With an adjustable DPI up to 3500 it's 3.5G infrared sensor really does the job. I personally have no need for anything above 2000 DPI at the moment as I am not used to that kind of sensitivity. For someone who is really into FPS this mouse may not be enough but for anyone else this is perfect.

'Things I like'

'Things I dont like'


For the slightly above casual gamer this mouse is amazing. If you are into FPS a higher DPI mouse may suit you better or anyone who is into MMO/RTS a mouse with more macro keys would be your best bet. I would buy many more in the future and recommend to all.






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