Review #87

May 29, 2013


Battlefield 3 is 'spensive, right? And I mean, fuck organized gameplay: you just wanna ram around on a huge map and expand your color's territory.

If you ever thought along those lines, then Planetside 2 is for you! Gigantic maps, LOADS of vehicles, free-to-play, customize-able classes, and territory-based war? Hell yes, I'd say.


There's three factions - red, blue, and purple (because fuck names). You literally play on maps the size of a small continent, and these games are essentially never-ending. Ever. You leave a zone and come back in a week, you'll still be fighting against a lot of the same people, engaging in territory struggles, and essentially be dealing with the same battle (save for any territories gained/lost in your absence).

While the presence of vehicles is pretty kickass and loans a lot of mobility to this game, the scale of the maps is almost too much. You'll find that you're nothing in this game but confused. "WHERE DO I GO?!" is a recurring question, especially if you don't have a friend who's been playing a lot to make sense of this game for you.

I mean, this game is cool if you like being lost all the time, feeling alone and worthless, and like being yelled at by your team members when your tank clipped their wing, causing an accident when they were taking off. Really.

This game brings so much to the table in terms of large-scope battles and absurdly fun combat, but it all gets lost in the... hugeness of it all.



Yeah, there's not a lot to be said about this game: confusing, open-ended gameplay and a non-existent story are all this game offers other than generic dicking around.





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