Review #1

February 3, 2013

The Speakers

One of the things I did notice, which I should have noticed right off is the severe lacks in bass. It has enough to get your through some explosions and what not, but don't expect to hear any of those deep bass effects. It's not noticeably bad but it's not amazing. It'll get your through a game of Fruit Ninja with no problems, but any sort of music is noticeably lacking in the bass department.

This headset however makes up in crisp treble, in fact most of the sounds that come out of these headphones are pitch perfect if you were to ask me. The quality and clarity of this headset is probably the best I've heard so far.

These headphones get loud, a lot louder than I would have suspected an over-ear headphone to be. At times I was yelling into my microphone over the gunshots and carnage that was happening around me. This headset helps when you're trying to hear what your lower voiced friends are saying over Skype and allows for your voice to come across the best as possible.

However just because the speakers can get loud doesn't mean that your buddy is going to be hearing all that through the mic. Sure there are times where you might catch a slight glimpse of environment or if your friend has speakers going you can hear some of what they're listening to but, Logitech has done an amazing job at cancelling out all other unwanted background noise. I want to say that 97% (remember kids statistics are made up) of the time, all I heard was demonphoenix37 speaking. This being said I had a game playing at 100% volume while on a Skype call and they didn't notice any noise from the game bleeding into the mic even though it was pouring out of my headphones.

The Mic

So, I've already mentioned how  the mic does a good job at dropping out the unwanted noise, now I want to talk more about the mic.

It delivers voice over the internet spectularly, I love this mic, it makes our voices sound awesome. I really have no complaints about the mic. It bends to however you need it to be and rolls back out of your way when you don't need it.

Other Stuff

So this headset comes with the option of using a USB way of inserting the headphone and mic part into your computer or you can just plug those cables into your machine directly through the ports if you have them. If you don't have those ports that USB port can be really handy, personally I just tossed it in my drawer.

The chord on this thing is about 6 ft. which helps getting that headset from your rig to your noggin or help you keep chatting while you reach for something within the room.

Conclusion: It's a solid headset for gaming and comes at a relatively cheap price. BUY.

Demonphoenix37's reivew

What you may be saying is this looks like some cheap ass non gamer type headset. Well although you and your entitled opinion may be correct some people may not like the over the head type style the entire rest of elite headset may fall under. I am one of the few that fit in this demographic so be prepared for my semi biased review of the Logitech G330.

Overall the quality of the headset is very solid. They aren't as so cheaply constructed as they may appear aka will not be broken unless you so happen to haphazardly step on them due to your lack of caring. The earpieces are comfortable enough where they won't bother you for extended periods of time either. I feel like this headset is of better design than that of some good rather outdated behind the head style headphones.

The sound on these bad boys is satisfying enough for those who want quality at an affordable price. However, for you audiophiles out there, these are no elite brand of sound superiority. You may want to stick away from these if you are more concerned with sound quality entering yours ears vs cheap efficient usability. Contrary to this statement these do however produce a very well rounded sound that will leave a lot of the average consumers satisfied with their dollars.

One thing that I've felt that Logitech has been rather good with is their integrated mics in their devices and the firmware to go with. This mic is very good at receiving sound in a crystal clear manner. Throughout its use I cannot attest to a time that someone complained about the audio being sent to them via game or skype. Noise cancelling provided by the firmware has been very well done as the background noises and feedback, that say a webcam mic may get at annoying levels, have been almost if not completely drowned out.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a decent headset for skyping and casual gameplay then look no further. If you are some sort of elite audiophile gamer then steer clear. As always, you get what you pay for. In this case there is definitely bang for your buck.












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