Review #104

December 9, 2014

Looks like we're going with the throwback trend here, so let's kick off with another game that was released earlier this March.

As of right now you can go to your local video game store (notice how I say video game store, fuck Walmart) and get this game for probably half the price of it's initial release price. That was honestly the first draw I had to making a purchase of this game. The second reason was the reaction I got from my friends who had both said they enjoyed playing this game without telling me anything about it. Fantastic I'm sold, let's try this game out. I was sort of late to the PS4 game and I need to buff up my library, this looks like a exceptional candidate.

I have always wanted to try out the first inFAMOUS game but never got around to it. I believe the reasoning behind that was that I didn't have a PS3 around that time and/or I forgot about it after I had gotten one. If it is anything like Second Son, I missed out on something have to go back and find it; but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

I'm going to try and avoid as many spoilers as much as possible but I am going to have to include a few things for context and to make it easier for myself to write this because I am a selfish person.

The lead character is Delsin, an Akomish, which is nice because there aren't a lot of video games with a Native American leads and any game that features one is wholeheartedly welcome into my library. You can say well there was that guy in Assassins Creed III, and there is that indie game that was just released on Steam and what about --shush my child. I wasn't saying there wasn't any out there, it's just not a whole lot. Unless we're talking about ones where we're being murdered. Oh how history goes to the victor. Anyways.

You're turned into a Conduit. I'm not sure if that is explained in the first game but here you are in the second one with that term. Basically, you have super powers. They kinda try and figure shit out as you go along and you're strung along like a loyal dog following the brotherly misadventures of the two lead characters. Slowly learning about the world around them as you go from mission to mission. You can do that or do what I do in these types of games (sandboxes very similar to Assassins Creed) and just go around completing all the challenges to open up the map. I'm one of those people who just skip the story missions as much as possible and do all the map challenges until I'm forced to do a story mission to get more access to the map, to which the story takes a back seat again. 

This would be a problem if this wasn't the focus of the game but it's almost implied that you're supposed to meander and collect things. How else are you supposed to level up and get new abilities in this game if you don't go and get all the shards. That being said all the really cool power expansions are unlocked through story missions and I found that to be the main pull of actually completing them over the actual story itself.

I'm not saying the story is bad, but the story could use a little more pull. It was dramatic and actually a real joy in a sea of games with really mediocre plot lines, but there wasn't anything substantially distinguishable about the Heroic story in Second Son. Maybe the villainous story is better? I've been told it's pretty amazing.

I don't 100% very many games. However Second Son is one of those games I had a complete blast completing. It was like Assassins Creed 2 all over again. Is it better than AC2? probably not depending how you look at it, but it's just as much fun.

Alright, so it has a story thing and you have super powers, why should I be getting this game? You should be getting this game if you really enjoy 3rd person sandbox games and want to zip around Seattle with up to 4 different powers. Each power has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses.

I find the Smoke powers have the most flow and polish, but I used the Neon the most. I find the Video powers the most fun and the concrete powers are the most OP if you can actually get around to using them. In terms of getting around Video is the fastest, followed by Neon, then Smoke and Concrete is just suffering to get around with. Overall I find the Neon the best to use if you're going the heroic route simply because Subduing enemies versus killing them is a lot simpler if you can snipe out their feet with the neon blast thing.

So you compare this game to Assassins Creed a lot, is there a lot of cool knives and counter techniques and building climbing? No weapons, just powers and a lot of running away while exploding things. You like explosions, right? Uh, at first you'll be climbing buildings but you'll more than likely find other ways to get around town, but the climbing doesn't really stop until you get Neon and just wall run and shit.

It seems like you're giving away lot of spoilery things man, what the fuck. Hey, if I didn't clue you into some of the more used functions of this game to hype you up, you're not going to give a shit. Also I haven't said jack shit about the story, except that it's kinda weak, but that's just because I have a high standard. The story itself is actually pretty nice. It's touchy feely and all that. It's got feels.

In conclusion, it's 30 bucks, throw it in your stocking for xmas, and have a blast, it's a fairly casual game that get's kind of challenging at a spot or two towards the end.






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