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October 31, 2014


I used to be a gamer. I used to play all the games. I’ve wandered aimlessly through Vvardenfell for days, followed all of Deckard Cain’s advice, and disemboweled more zombies than I care to remember. That being said, real life has inevitably and unfortunately caught up with me. In my second year as a Financial Services Consultant in NYC, I find myself struggling to care for a character that only exists when I have the time to update Steam. Plus, Dark Souls is hard as fuck if you drink as much red wine as I do.

The Problem

I’ll never forget that 70th star. It was from Tick Tock Clock, and I had just figured out how to shut down the movement on all the moving pieces in the level. I collected the eight red coins, did a badass side-flip into the star, and prepared myself for what was yet to come. I remember entering the last of Bowser’s levels, and immediately entering first-person-view to take it all in. I audibly said “uh-oh,” and went to work. THIS NEVER HAPPENS ANYMORE, AND IT MAKES ME SAD.

The last game that I was fully absorbed in was Bioshock Infinite. The environment was compelling, the combat was fun, and the story was everything I could hope for in a Bioshock title. Plus, those lighting effects made me giddy. That being said, it just wasn’t the same. I bought the DLC, and haven’t touched it because IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME.

As of late, I’ve traded in gaming for Top Chef reruns with the ladyfriend.

The Reason

This brings me to my point. It’s not gaming’s fault, the games are still great and arguably better than ever. I am just not the same player I once was. I no longer wish to invest 100 hours into a Dark Souls playthrough, just to say I beat it while running around naked. I no longer can invest hundreds of hours grinding in an MMORPG. Hell, my attention span can’t even stay committed to play more than a round or two of CS. No, I need something different.

The Solution

HEY THERE WII U, LET’S GIVE THIS A TRY. I have been thinking about buying a Wii U since the day it was announced, but kept putting it off because I couldn't justify a $300 Super Mario 3D World machine. I swear, I have had the Wii U in my virtual cart at least ten times since Mario Kart came out. I couldn't justify a Mario Kart machine, either.

In walks that fine-ass Super Smash Bros event on October 23rd, and out walks my not-so-fine-ass with a brand new Wii U package. 

Did it Work?



It’s perfect for an aging gamer that lacks free time and energy.

Most importantly, the system is fun. It’s just fun. The titles are fun, the gameplay is fun, and they ask for nothing more than 30% of my attention. Fuck you, mobile games. My Wii U is all I need.

The cons are obvious, but easily handled if used in tandem with a decent gaming PC. (I play Shadow of Mordor when I need to get my gore and graphics boner). 

I have no doubt that my $300 Wii U will be my best gaming purchase (paper monies / hours of entertainment) of the past few years. Better than the Summer Sale, better than the Winter Sale, and even better than those delicious Humble Bundle deals. Imminent releases of SSBU, Splatoon, and even a new Zelda title have me amped for the future of my Wii U, though all I truly need is a bit of Sm4sh in my life.

I'm sure I'll come back and tell you all the ways I was wrong after the 21st. Until then, auf wiedersehen!

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