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April 27, 2013

What is?

Gaming Keyboard


Product Description

"Oriented for gaming, the Genius Imperator Pro grants you competitive edge to destroy anyone who's in front of you.

Engineered to shine in both your eyes and the games, this keyboard features full color sixteen million RGB for backlight with four-level brightness control, enabling you to launch assaults and flank your foes even under low light conditions. Six easy-to-reach macro keys on the side avoid distraction when activating macros. It includes three game profiles for different game categories with the ability to instantly switch between them. It has onboard memory to prevent command blocks. The six media control keys are conveniently placed for easy access.

Imperator Pro has two USB ports for USB peripherals and up to 1000Hz report rate 1ms response time for a competitive edge to perform faster and better in games. It includes a gold plated USB 2.0 full speed connector and a 1.8 meter cable."


The Review

So this keyboard is a step up from what I'm used to. The only other comparisons I have against this are cheaper keyboards for normal everyday use.

This keyboard has plenty of nice features that I personally look for in a board and some. 

Things I like


Things I don't like


Normal Use

In comparison to other boards I've owned that are of low profile this is the quietest I've owned but not the quietest that I have ever used. The keys feel 'soft' and easy to press with that nice tactility so you really know when you have pressed a key. This was something other keyboards I have used lack so I can only assume the noise you get from typing on a keyboard with decent tactility is a trade off for some extra dB. Keys are very responsive therefore typing is a breeze due to the good tactility and good response time.


The Extras

On the left side of the board you will find six programmable macro keys for whatever you may decide need for. I personally have not used them at all yet because well I really have no need for them at the moment but are welcome when I do happen to need them.

On the top-left you find (my personal must have for any keyboard that I own) are your standard media keys you will find on almost any media keyboard which is seldom found on your gaming keyboards. If you are like me and enjoy your media as much as you enjoy gaming you'll enjoy having the standard media keys at your disposal. These keys are play/pause, next, back, volume down, volume up, and mute.

Top-center you will find three programmable profile keys to hot swap in between the three settings that you have flashed to the board via the software that has been provided (I have not used this as of yet so a review will be tbd). This is nice because you do not necessarily need the software installed on your PC permanently as all the settings are stored to memory on your keyboard itself. These profiles also include the color of the back-lit keys as well. So by default the three profile keys are more or less a way to change between 3 different preset colors which is pretty neat-o.

Top-right you will find one lonely button. What is that you ask? Well this controls the brightness of the back-lights. A very useful feature. It has 5 modes of brightness going from off, low, med, high, and a demo like pulse mode.



If you are a slightly more than casual gamer and an 'at desk' media junky then this keyboard will probably be your new best friend. If you haven't a need for the lighting then its younger brother 'The Imperator' is your answer with a smaller price tag. 

If you are someone who types a lot I suggest thinking about this purchase due to the key layout (lack of the normal full backspace key). 

'The Verdict'

May not be worth the entirety of it's price tag with the flaws pointed out. However it is a pleasant surprise considering the features and feel. Overall it is a solid keyboard and would recommend even more so if there were other key layouts available.  

author:  demonphoenix37











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