Review #76

April 27, 2013

'What is it?'

Wireless Mini Qwerty Keyboard/Mouse for HTPC.


After all the supposed keyboards, mice, and remotes I've used for HTPCs this may finally be the answer.

Of course you may be asking yourself why am I reading this all mini keyboards are crap. Well this time you would be wrong. Hold onto your butts and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Upon opening the very simple box I uncover the object I was skeptical of buying. It was only 20ish bucks so really what would be the loss? There were no instructions from what I could find in the box but low and behold on the underside of the box there were an appropriate set of instructions for this little gizmo.

After I had plugged the wireless dongle into the PC it was recognized immediately. First my chore was the get used to how the mouse works. By default the mouse functionality isn't enabled. So then you ask 'How does it work?'. Well let me tell you the best part about this little guy. It has a gyroscope sensor built in and yup you guessed it the mouse is controller by tilting and pointing in the appropriate direction. Anyone who has used a wii remote before will understand exactly the gist of what this is now capable of. By the press and hold of the central button your mouse comes alive and I'd have to say it is a pleasurable experience. It was no where near as buggy as what i was expecting or from what I've read. Haters gonna hate i suppose. On a double click of htat same button you can toggle it on/off without holding it for extended periods of pointing.  The keyboard itself is pretty nice with all the keys you'd expect on a qwerty (minus the num pad) which is awesome. The keypad makes clicky noises when pressed so all your thumbs will enjoy knowing they pressed a key. This in itself may also be annoying to some especially since it's for a HTPC but lets be honest why are you typing when watching something?

'The Verdict'

If you have a HTPC in need of a keyboard/mouse you should buy this. No doubt. It's not a perfect solution but try and find something better and I'll personally make you a cake.






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