Review #95

January 17, 2014

Want to not spend a whole lot of money ($3) and be able to finally say "I've completed a whole game" in a matter of 20 minutes? Then look no further. DLC Quest is a fantastic 2D side-scroller platformer with just enough satire to keep you interested.

Everything in the game is considered "DLC" (Downloadable Content) and they do mean everything. You want to move left? You have to buy the DLC pack for it. If you've played any sort of large title on either PC, or console, you've probably run into DLC at some point. Usually in games like Call of Duty, it's maps and/or gun mods. This game takes it to the extreme in that any sort of feature that isn't strictly speaking necessary for the game to run, is considered extra and therefore is DLC. There is no real cash being exchanged in this game like how you would in real life, because usually DLC is reserved items or add-ons that you pay extra for. However in DLC quest you can use the in game coins that you can collect to purchase your controls and add-ons.

The coins aren't incredibly easy to get, you'll find yourself running around trying to collect just enough coins to get the next DLC pack to get even more coins to, you guessed it, buy more DLC. You can tell that certain coins are deliberately placed in a way that you can't get to them without the proper DLC. It's very cleverly done and I appreciate the slight challenge of working with restrained controls and options.

The story/plot of this game isn't that really that exciting, but I seriously doubt that was the main focus of this game, I think the intention here is to be as funny as possible while giving you some sort of end goal that is classic in 2D platformers like Super Mario Bros minus the Koopas. Your princess is in another castle. The cake is a lie. Here is another game with lose plot lines and one strangely determined protagonist.

This game is fantastic and fun, because of the very intentional humor that is prominent throughout the game.

I will recommend it to anyone who wants to waste 20 minutes to an hour on a simple but fun game. I say that it could take up to an hour because when you purchase the game it comes with 2 story campaigns that you are free to play. Plus you might be driven to get every single one of the few achievements.







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