Review #70

April 16, 2013

This is one of those movies you'd probably skip over while running through the list on Netflix for the thousandth time today.

Honestly I wasn't exactly aware of this movie until I came across it on Netflix, and if it wasn't for my extreme boredom at the time I wouldn't have bothered with this movie. It's one of those experimental documentaries, kind of like Supersize Me and the like, or like that article about the guy who lived being brutally honest for a month or year. So I was slightly intrigued, I love people doing stupid stuff to see if it would work, so let's go.

So it turns out that this movie is actually pretty good, better than Supersize Me if you were to ask me. It's a documentary so its really engaging in that edgy this-is-real-life type feel that reality shows seems to lack. There is a chance this guy is going to die or something horrific happens, you have my attention.

If you took my bet at the beginning of the movie: this guy was in for a miserable month being homeless and hungry and might even get ripped off, granted he doesn't have anything. 

This guy, Joe, has decided to live on nothing but the website, he puts some ground rules which are explained in the movie and he leaves with a toothbrush, his phone, his computer (with an internet card so he can access craigslist anywhere he has signal) and the clothes on his back.

I really don't want to ruin anything so I'm going to say that you should go and watch this movie to find out what happens, its actually worth it believe it or not. There are definitely some ups and downs and this movie does go to some unexpected places. Overall its not the greatest movie ever, but its not bad. If you got nothing better to do, might as well give it a watch.






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