Review #85

May 28, 2013

So many of you have played games from the Call of Duty saga and many of you have had complaints about the way the customization options have been limited from game to game.  Well here we are, at the pinnacle of FPS gaming, giving you an obnoxious amount of customization for your playing pleasure. 

Black Ops 2 has finally given us that extra special customization factor that we love, which helps us fuck shit up on the battlefield, WHAT WHAT!  You can go heavy on your primary and get up to 3 attachments, heavy on your secondary if you're into that sort of thing...or straight up heavy on your perks in case you find the urge to be really annoying. 

One thing is for sure, this amount of crap all piled into one FPS makes for some difficult game play.  That is what I love and fucking HATE about this game.  One minute I'll be playing with a buncha nooby shits spinning in circles and trying to blow each other up with rockets...The next I'll be faced with a bum fucking squad ready to invade my virgin asshole with their superior playability. 

I can say I've gotten extremely frustrated with the latter, but I've overcome that and have gotten to a place where I am good enough to compete with their bullshit.  I've found that there are a few things you have to know/do when playing this game online against people:

1) They are not robots, so don't assume they are stupid, but take advantage of the fact that they can make mistakes.  That can be good in some ways because if anyone has ever played elite robots, you better assume they will start shooting you before you even round the corner...and they will aim for your eyes just for good measure. 

2) Think outside the box.  I know that sounds stupid but seriously, if you walk into a room and a bitch is in the dark corner and you get capped...Fuckin throw a nade first next time, or a flash bang, better yet throw some C4 and shoot wildly until the bitch dies from a stray bullet.  Try to not do the same thing over and over, because that just makes you look retarded to the other person. 

3) Find a gun you're actually good with.  For the longest time I would be trying to force myself to use other guns because everyone said I was a camping little f@$$*&.  And in reality that's what people do when they don't feel comfortable with the maps/or aren't good enough yet to go head to head with people.  I'd be sitting with an assault rifle trying to get 3 shots off on somebody across the map...And ya it worked sometimes, but if you only get like 3 kills a match, you're doing something wrong, or you're really new.  I stick with the sniper because I'm good with it, and now I can run around with it and NO I'm not a little quick scoping douche-bag.  Use your gun properly. 

4) Learn the maps.  I know this is a slight continuation from the prior suggestion, but seriously...Learn the maps.  Find out where your POI's (Places of interest) are and cycle from place to place.  Honestly the more you play the better you'll get at this, but don't be afraid to look shit up on youtube.  Good focal points can help get you that extra few kills that can make you go positive and make you into a better team player.  And no, don't camp the spots for too long, because they will find you and murder your face. 

5) Watch your back and watch your map.  I cannot tell you how many times I've got set up in a place and forgot to put down a shock charge or a claymore and got fucked because of it.  Honestly, I still do camp, but I am smarter about it, and I'm not nearly as afraid to get my hands dirty now in the heat of battle.  Make sure you take precautions if you're going to though.  As far as watching your map goes, if you're playing hardcore...well your fucked, but if not make sure you check it now and again.  So many times I'll check it and see there's 2 guys there and I'll fuck em both up where if I hadn't looked at all I would've gotten flanked by shit head #2.  And make sure you chase bitches too, don't be afraid to run after them if you know you can catch em with your sights or knife =D. 

6) My final suggestion is to have fun.  God knows the whole fuckin point of playing games is to have fun.  And ya I know playing and losing a lot sucks, but try to take a break and come back to it, or try playing the damn party games.  Those are just run around and be stupid games that you are meant to lose anyways.  Sticks and stones is my favorite in that realm by the way. 

So yeah this is sort of general knowledge of FPS games, but it took me a lot longer to know these things and apply them to my gaming than it should have.  I used to get really mad at the game, ask Clearskyy and Demonphoenix37.  Now I don't get nearly as mad, but I make sure at least I'm having fun getting my ass beat.  And also try not to rag on people who did bad or did BETTER than you, it's no fun getting bullied by a bunch of shit heads who think they are awesome because they got 20 shotgun kills or are whining because they got stomped by someone who actually was having a good game.

Happy gaming players.






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