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March 6, 2013


Don't buy this. This isn't 2000, the only reason people buy wired controllers anymore is for PC gaming, and this is precisely why I decided to purchase this Biogenik controller at the suggestion of a salesman at my local GameStop. Never again.

The look

This controller isn't going to be winning any beauty pageants  however it comes in two flavors: boring matte black and some lame imitation white/black camo. Of which my girlfriend said she would disown me if I attempted to purchase; it was that ugly. So black it is.

The design of the Shape buttons (x,circle, square and triangle) where surprisingly good, though its not like I'm going to stare at them. They spend most of their time under my thumbs so the different design really doesn't matter here, keep it simple fellas.

The font on this controller is a disgustingly boring sans-serif. The home button doesn't need a house on it, just give me a little button and "home" or "menu" under it. It's not even in the same region as the regular PlayStation controllers making it's placement really awkward.

The feel

The grip is nice and feels pretty comfy in my hand like most PlayStation controllers. However the rest of the controller feels bulky and awkward, except for the buttons that feel almost smaller given the larger body size of the controller. The D-pad is really disappointing and feels like it doesn't belong where it sits and the feedback is really weak and feeble. The home button feels out of place and just put there because this controller needed one.

The triggers and bumpers on this controller feel slippery and kind of slimy or moist, but are just dry, it's really an odd feeling, I'm not a fan, I need to be able to pull my triggers with speed and accuracy, not slip and hope that it works. If they really wanted to surprise me, they should have made their triggers concave instead of convex.

I feel like they focused and excelled at what was important on this controller and that is the Shape buttons and the analog sticks. The analog sticks are my favorite part of this controller but that isn't enough to make up for how incredibly bad this controller is, and it had so much potential. The Shape buttons had some rubbery texture to them that felt really nice and my thumbs welcomed them with grace. The start and select were rubber and gave some good feedback while being pushed.


Considering I had to install the drivers on my PC and then restart and then re-install them so that my computer would recognize this device, it's not off to a good start.

I can confidently say that it worked with 0 of my games on Steam. None. It was quite pathetic and it was really disappointing given that this was supposed to be a sure thing. Sure it "worked" but the mappings were all wrong and some games it flat out didn't even try to do anything. I searched but didn't find anything to change mappings or control schemes, no such luck.

Final Thoughts

I'm more than certain this works with a PS3, but that comes with one controller and the 2 multiplayer games that the PS3 has that would require you get a controller aren't even worth buying this piece of crap. I would still splurge and get the real controller or at least a used one, that way I wouldn't be giving my guest a handicap by giving them a different controller thus limiting their experience.

Conclusion:  Avoid at all costs.

It's a cheap controller for a reason, leave it be and get another wired controller, such as the wired controller for the xbox 360.

So, demonphoenix37 was responding to this review and gave me some interesting ideas for alternatives.

If you want to use a Bluetooth dongle and use your current PS3 wireless controller you can use this software to get the hook-up, it'll help you set it up so that it works with your PC gaming experience. How to use a PS3 controller in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista.

For those with Xbox 360 wireless controllers, who want to PC game without having to buy another controller, get this adapter and you should be golden ponyboy. Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Reciever for Windows.












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