Review #78

March 1, 2013

The packaging

The packaging is cute. I love that it's made out of that recycled material that makes way more noise than it's weight suggests. You know what I'm talking about if you ever bought something with recycled plastic wrapping. It's really light and makes this really crisp crackling noise that makes you feel like everyone in your office/dorm/home hates you for trying to eat chips or whatever you happen to have that is wrapped in this material. At any rate I'm getting sidetracked  It's brown like the chocolate that is inside and the color scheme is really well thought out. It fits really well, it's got good contrast and the typography makes me happy. The colors fit really well together which is hard for a non-neutral brown color and I applaud them for that.
It has an owl on the package.. I fucking love owls. Besides the fact that it's an owl, it's a drawn owl and its fucking cute. This makes this package, I'm sold, you had me at hello when you put an owl on your product, not only that, but the owl is tied into what the product does. I need this in my life.

The taste and texture

Now, I eat a decent amount of chocolate, so I can tell the difference between crappy chocolate and amazing chocolate. This chocolate isn't amazing but it's still good, its chocolate, its hard to fuck that up. Its just not creamy, which isn't a problem, I can dig that. The flavor reminds me of Hershey kisses but a dry one. You know the ones, the ones that have been sitting out for than a while at your grandmother's house but you still eat it while you wait for dinner because it's free and its candy. I doubt its the caffeine doing this, but in my head I can't stop thinking that is the reason it tastes this way. It's not overly sweet, so it's good for snacking.
The texture is amazingly strange, but I find myself liking it more the more I eat these. It's hard, but gives to your bite in a satisfying way. It then feels as though its crumbling, but its like melting but I can still chew it. It's weird, and I love it. It is as if Aero and Hershey bars had an overweight love child and that likes pop entirely too much.
The pieces are surprisingly big. Usually when you open a candy bar, the pieces are usually an inch wide and a fraction of that in height and paper thin. Awake Chocolate goes for squares, 1 inch squares and a fraction of an inch thick. These hearty pieces make for multiple bites an nice helping of caffeine  I eat a piece and don't feel overly compelled to eat another which is probably a good thing.

The effect

Now, I drink coffee everyday. For a while I used to drink energy drinks everyday and still pass out at my desk. I understand caffeine and know how much is too much and what I can handle, and I have dropped my intake and regulated it so that I don't have that problem anymore. So here is my thoughts on the effectiveness on these chocolate delights.
First try: I had one piece (not the whole bar) at around 7pm the day I bought it. What can I say, I was excited and I'm slightly impatient. This was a mistake, but I have had soda at 7 before and it has never been a big problem.. I was up til about 2am. Admittedly I did do some push ups and a few other exercises before bed, so you might as well throw that out of court. I was yawning and tired around 1, probably just the movie kept me up. I will say that it was probably not the chocolate, but I did feel the effects of it soon after consuming it. The effects are gradual, but effective, I could definitely feel more awake at 7 than I did before taking it, I was dragging and after it, I was running around like it was 2pm after lunch.
Second Try: I had a piece at around 7am this morning, I definitely was in need of a boost after being up so long. I walked around, not really feeling it. I did a few things and then climbed back into bed and passed out until my other alarm went off. I got up, did my normal routine and then took another piece. The second one was far more effective, probably since I was already up. I got to work feeling pretty good and started working on my merry way, feeling pretty awake. It's about 11:30am now, I had my other piece close to 8:30 am, and I'm still awake but not exactly beaming  I could definitely take a cat nap with no problems.
Conclusion: I want to say that this product definitely does what it says, I want to say that the circumstances in which I've taken this product isn't exactly what I call average  I think with better thought out use; it could be an effective alternative to coffee. Just make sure to brush your teeth. BUY.






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