Review #71

April 16, 2013

Hello Folks!,

Mr Fix IT here with another review. For today's article I have the ASUS K55A-DS51. From the name, it sounds like some Russian military satellite. Whatever happened to giving names to computers?

Anyways, lets get to this. I purchased this laptop for a client of mine. He wanted a laptop that would be able to run quick books and excel for approximately 10 years. Now, if there's something I learned in this field, it's to always overbuild. So I looked for a laptop that could play ball with hard tasks now and would suffice for down the road tasks. 

With this in mind I chose the following: i5 processor of at least 2.0ghz; 4 gb of memory; 7200 rpm hard drive; windows 7. All this for $600 or less. I did not find what I was looking for. I actually found it very hard to find any laptop with a 7200 rpm drive, so I took that off the list very early in the process. Windows 7 was another luxury I had to scrap due to Microsoft's huge roll out Windows 8.

So, I couldn't get what I wanted but I did pick something close. The K55A-DS51 specs are as follows:

CPU: i5 3210m 2.6 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
HDD: 750 GB 5400 RPM
OS: Windows 8 Pro

When this laptop arrived, I knew I had a hurdle to get over: Windows 8. My client has little seat time with windows 7, let alone 8. My solution: StartisBack. I purchased two licenses for $3. Awesome deal, and makes Windows 8 exactly like Windows 7. Once that was all taken care of I installed Quickbooks 2013 and Office 2007 without a hitch.

The "TL;DR" version
Good Bad 
 Price ($600)Touch Pad (Jumpy) 
 Performance (2.6 GHz i5/ 8 GB Ram)5400 RPM HDD 
 Full KeyboardPoorly designed Charger 


author:  mrfixit





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