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If you're out of college and living in your mum's basement like me, you more than likely have nothing better things to do so you might as well go and remissness about living the good life in college and watch this movie.

This movie takes place at Northern.. university? college? I'm not sure. I've only heard of it because I've seen banners of it's name in my university's arena  In fact, I have Googled it and failed to locate it. This is how not well know this place is, I'm not even sure where geographically it is, it could be in Wisconsin or Minnesota or somewhere else I'm not really familiar with.

At any rate, this movie requires a college setting because where else do teens turn into older teens than college right? or sad working at Walmart or something. At any rate, it also needs party atmosphere so a college/university frat / sorority type thing needs to get involved and lots and lots of off camera alcohol.

Basically the story is: white-generic-college-drop-out and white-successful-college-student go and harass their ethnic (in this case Asian), estranged friend. It's a setting for a good time, and doesn't disappoint quite as much as you expect this movie to. It does set itself up to be a bit more exciting and epic because of the trailer but it does have it's moments that almost live up to the experience you were hoping to have. There are some interesting plot turns, I won't say twists because they aren't that exciting or something you probably already guessed would happen.

There are some cheap laughs at jokes we all heard a million times but never seem to get tired of. Lots of stereotypes to keep enforcing and moments that actually almost get you excited. The story isn't half bad, but it's not half good either, its sort of throws you in at an awkward moment, like a mid sentence, and there is a lack of character development. The story goes no where and ends up no where. It's a perfect movie to just ignore while you're trying to do other things; like drinking, heavily.

I wouldn't suggest you go watch this in theaters but perhaps rent it or watch it at a buddy's house or something, it is a good watch to remember the good ol days before you were looking for a job in your mums basement, but not a good enough one to actually pay for at a cinema like I did.

Overall I give it a 6.5/10, recommended watch, cautious purchase.






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