Lesson #17

March 3, 2013

Speed up YouTube streaming

Do the following steps in order to get your YouTube videos to stream faster. To do this we are going to block some IP addresses using the Windows Firewall. This should work until YouTube changes it. I have personally noticed a difference and I hope you do as well.
  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel in the Start Menu.
  3. Find and click Windows Firewall in the Control Panel window.
  4. In the left column click Advanced settings (you may have to give permissions to do this depending on your User Account Control settings).
  5. In the left column of the window that pops up click Inbound Rules.
  6. Click "New Rule..." on the right column and a pop up will appear.
  7. Choose "Program", click Next.
  8. Choose "All Programs", click Next.
  9. Choose "Block the connection", click Next.
  10. Leave all the checkboxes selected, click Next.
  11. In Name type "YouTube".
  12. In Description type "YouTube block".
  13. Click Finish.
  14. Click "Properties" under the "YouTube" header on the right column.
  15. Click the Scope tab.
  16. Under "Remote IP address" select "These IP addresses", click "Add..."
  17. Type in this order the following IP addresses. For each of these you will have to type them into "This IP address or subnet:" and then click "OK" and then click "Add..." again to add the next IP address.
  18. After you have the 3 IP addresses listed, click OK, and you're done.
  19. Close any open windows and enjoy faster youtube video streaming.
Additional Notes:
You may or may not have to restart either your browser or computer.
The speed change may or may not be drastic depending on your particular Internet Service Provider.

author: clearskyy





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