Lesson #16

April 30, 2013

What are proper blood pressure levels?

If you ever wondered what those numbers mean when someone takes your blood pressure, or you're just curious to what normal blood pressure is, I'll give you a sort of idea so you don't have to guess anymore. Chances are you've just watched too much House M.D or Greys Anatomy and  you're wondering what those numbers on the heart monitor mean, well you've come to the right place.

Basically what it is the number on the top is the pressure your heart value has when it's contracting or squeezing blood out, so its being active. The bottom number is your heart pressure when its relaxed or filling with blood.

For the average healthy person your blood pressure should be:  120 / 80.

Blood pressure that is 140 / 90 is usually a red flag that something isn't right and you should get yourself checked out to avoid stroke or heart attack.

Your blood pressure can change; usually after waking up your blood pressure can be lower because your heart rate slows during rest. Changing from sitting to standing can change it as well as eating. Anxiety and stress also can have an effect on your results. See a doctor for more information, these are just generalizations.

author: clearskyy





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