Lesson #13

April 24, 2013



If you don't have time to mess around, here are some FTP clients that we've used and trusted.

  1. Filezilla
  2. winSCP

Using Windows Explorer

Windows has a built in FTP in Windows Explorer, open a window and type:


The only down fall is that you can't anywhere lower than the home directory for that account which makes this sort of weak.

Using Windows PowerShell / Terminal

Navigate to the directory you want to exchange files on.

> cd path

Now we use ftp (file transfer protocol)

>ftp remote.server.address

If you have a user account, you have to log in to it. Using the above will log you into your remote server as an anonymous user, which may or may not have rights to do what you need given your server settings.

FTP commands are lowercase, they're case sensitive.

To log in:

> user username

This should prompt you for a password. I found I had to do this twice but the second login was always successful.

Navigate to the directory you need. Using commands will be on the remote server, append an 'l' the beginning of your command to do local movements or listings. (e.g lcd to change directories).

To download files

> get filename

To download multiple files I'm going to suggest you log in differently unless you want to type 'y' for every file you want to download. Here's how to do this.

> ftp -i remote.server.address
> user username
> enter password
> mget filename_1 filename_2 ...

the -i attribute will stop the commands you input to ftp from being interactive.

To upload files

> put filename

Upload multiple files

> mput filename_1 filename_2 ...

Doing it through PowerShell is great because it let's you access directories you can't get to through Windows Explorer. I won't lie though, doing it this way can be a hassle and the connection can time out. Its best if you don't pause or leave and come back in the middle of commands if you're not transferring since the connection drops.

List of all the FTP related nonsense like attributes and commands

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