Editorial #16

January 31, 2013


So it's thursday and it's almost time for me to leave work when my twitter feed pops up something interesting. There is a new teaser video out by Sony.

Now it's not the most exciting video ever, but it does hint at February 20, 2013 date which could mean a few things.

  1. The Playstation 4 will be announced and the console wars will begin.
  2. Possible extras or expansion of the PSN network.
  3. The PS Vita has something interesting happening to it.
  4. A New playstation gaming device. 
  5. Sony is creating the most exciting Tic-Tac-Toe game ever made which uses 4 shapes instead of two.
  6. The robot pirate ninja zombies outbreak occurs and Sony is sponsoring the event. 

One of these may be true, and none of them may be true, it wouldn't be the first time a company like Sony has totally thrown me for a loop, for all I know it could be a blu-ray player that plays android apps, because that's what we need, angry birds on our dvd players.

EDIT: While writing this I have found sources that state that it will be in fact the Playstation 4 that will be revealed on February 20th and all other assumptions are moot. So get ready to hear about the next gaming console coming out from Sony come the 20th!

DOUBLE EDIT COMBO: No idea what it looks like, but just about everything else, you can read here.

author:  clearskyy





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