Editorial #46

March 7, 2018

Destiny 2 is jokes

Destiny 2: Death of the Franchise

Let’s set the mood with a little music: Dead! - My Chemical Romance


Well maybe death of the franchise is a bit of an overegageration but if things don’t change in the way that Bungie handles Destiny 2, it’s on its way to kiss the boots of the Mara Sov once again, but again it’s only implied she died, we have no actual evidence, hint hint, wink wink. Bring back the best girl. Honestly, bring back the Queen of the Awoken, she had one of the best story lines and some of the hottest gear in the game, it looked slick as fuck and it was purple, purple is the dopest of colors. Okay that last part is slightly biased but I do like purple and I did really enjoy the insignia that the Queen had on all her gear. The gear even had some crazy names that implied your loyalty to her, it was just kind of trust upon you. That’s not the only thing I want thrust upon me, haha wink wink nudge nudge, nuzzle XD. Not Disney XD, this is strictly over PG although we’re not on some TV Screeeeeeeeeennn Skrrrrt prah pat pat. Damn check out my fucking mixtape coming to you over the fire fiber tubes on soundcloud.


So what’s wrong with Destiny 2? To put it in as few words as I possibly can: it’s fucking boring.


“Okay, well how is it boring?” Alright dude, so you know how Destiny was always shoving it it down our throats that we were supposed to “Become Legend” and it was great and Destiny sort of let you become legend and just do all sorts of game breaking shit and then they would patch it and we’d get sad but then just find another way to totally make the game a busted ass piece of shit? Yeah that is literally no where in Destiny 2. You can even look up Destiny 2 on Google and find zero results of images that have Destiny 2 and that amazing catch phrase attached to it. We aren’t the legends we were supposed to be striving for anymore. We are the busted ass pieces of shit that we were when we were stripped of our light after that stupid ass Cabal one-upped us in the mediocre department and sent us tumbling down into a city we never been to (and never got to explore) and we just sort of walk around all crippled like. Destiny 2 is a wounded dog in need of a .50 caliber aspirin. We’re already dead and we’re just prolonging the suffering at this point. There was the Prometheus Lens that completely broke Crucible for like a week where you melted kids in literally 0.5 seconds and it was fucking HILARIOUS. That was the best time I had in Destiny 2 was obtaining that dandy little gun and just completely wiping a team into Mercy Rule with zero remorse for my actions. I haven’t laughed that hard and enjoyed myself playing Destiny 2 before and after that moment and therein lies the problem.


There aren’t as many crazy moments in Destiny 2 as there are in Destiny. There aren’t as many nail-biter clutch moments that are met with insane praise and jubilation. There aren’t any moments where someone can clutch the raid by themselves at the zero hour and become not only a legend in the game but among their peers. You can’t do that with the system the first raid has with the token revive system. Does it add a layer of difficulty to the raid, sort of, but it doesn’t add much. It almost sacrifices player enjoyment for the sake of making an attempt at making it more difficult. That really shouldn’t have been the focus, because if you don’t die in the checkpoint (which is not hard to do by the way) it really doesn’t matter. So you just added a massive negative element to your game and pissed away something that had some real fun and memorable elements to it. Changing the core revive mechanics in a game that is already this established was pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. That’s what we had prestige mode for, one life is all you get per checkpoint, you can’t do the checkpoint with one life, tough luck kiddo. I’m not sure how they’re doing it nowadays because I can’t be arsed to even bother with Prestige mode since it doesn’t net you better gear but only gets you better looking gear? Fuck that, are you retarded Bungie? You got bozo brain? I understand they’re trying to put an implied importance on appearances which is why you would only receive cosmetics in the result of prestige mode.




No. Just no. Someone at Bungie is coco for cosmedics but when everyone just looks like a futuristic space man anyways what’s the goddamn point, we’re all going to wear faction gear anyways. Don’t you know that the faction gear and flexing who you rep is way more important than some stupid glowy armband. Did you forget that we got invested in some of these factions and characters or did you trip and fall and land on your dick somehow and then your dick just like went and fractured your spinal cord and that just sent some spine cum into your brain stem and just straight short circuited your whole neural network into a frenzy and now all you care about is pretty colors and how you think they taste.


There was depth and now it’s like we’re all kicked out of Adult Swim and are forced to stand ankle deep in the shallows until the next wave part kicks in the wave pool but it’s like they broke the wave maker part of the machine and so now they just added these half ass jets to the side of the pool and now it’s like this giant jacuzzi which sounds like a good idea but it’s really just a bunch of people stewing in their filth together without the added enjoyment of swimming, they took away our story and our characters and added a bunch of nobody’s the to series and just made it all so fucking boring. They didn’t flush them out, they didn’t add to the lore, they didn't add any extra fun puzzles and like convoluted bullshit that takes several months and a super reddit mega thread of kids beta testing different things over the course of a few weeks to give us all a hint at what we should do. Where is the hobby part of the game that was so essential to the core experience of Destiny? It’s all been pissed away for loot boxes and instant gratification.


There is no real struggle, there is no real pursuit. You can almost achieve the highest gear level in the game without even touching the toughest content in the entire game. That is some serious shit right there. That is stupid, effort should be rewarded. This isn’t a fucking fundraiser where I get a lotto ticket just for showing up and I just get an exotic for buying the damn game. What kind of shit was that Bungie? At least make me work a little bit. When they just tossed you an exotic at the beginning of Destiny 2 it was almost like the death flag was being revealed immediately. There is no busted ass infuse system that we had in Destiny that made getting exotics at a low drop a problem. Getting a low drop meant grinding for a better one because infusing them up was going to be extremely costly and you had to do math and it was a huge pain in the ass because it was like 80% of the light level but not really if it wasn’t an exotic to legendary to something GAH FLASHBACKS. Now it’s so cheap and easy to infuse weapons up in Destiny 2 that you almost beat the game just by buying it.


It meant that exotics aren’t special. (oxymoron anyone?)


It significantly reduced the impact these weapons have because they were so simple to get and so simple to make stronger. There was no reason to try when you can just get one and now you can just run around making everything explode. Right at the beginning. So what was made important? What was shifted from priority number one if its not exotic weapons and gear? Why are quests and bosses and bounties no longer needed? Because the focus now is on cosmetics. Exotics were supposed to take one rule of Destiny and break that rule, now they just have to look the part.


How you look in Destiny 2 is way more important than how you play Destiny 2.


They give you all the powerful gear and weapons and let you have your way with them because they’re not important. What’s important is that you buy the ornaments for those weapons so they look cooler. They look kind of neat out of the box but the ornaments take those exotics and make them look the way they should look out of the box. You see exotics in Destiny had to look the part because they only looked one way forever. The exotics and gear in Destiny 2 changes all the time, and they’re constantly adding new ways for things to look more and more impressive as time goes on but they’re mostly locked behind paywalls. Either you grind mindlessly for several years or you get frustrated like they want you to and buy boxes. That’s probably another reason the game is so fucking bland. It’s frustrating to play Destiny 2 for more than a few hours because playing more and having fun means you’ll level up and get more bright engrams and they don’t want that because they want you to buy them. They have taken every single step in the making of this game to ensure that you spend every dime you can on it for the most frivolous of objects. Digital skins and objects. Oh yeah, you’re looking real good with your exotic ornaments and exotic sparrow and exotic emotes.


No, you look like a fucking douchebag.


Is that what Bungie and Activision wanted? Just a sea of douchebags flying their douchebag mobiles around doing pointless mindless SAME FUCKING PUBLIC EVENTS AND 6 STRIKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN? IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF A GOOD TIME? It’s not a good time, it’s a miserable time. Shooting aliens should be fucking fun. They tried adding some dialogue in there ala Drakengard 3/NieR where the NPCs do some “ugh, not this shit again” but that only exacerbates the problem because not only am I not having a good time, even the game is getting tired of its own shit. We’re all just having a really shit time. Wow, those covenant sure are stupid, bringing their tanks and weapons to the save exact spot the same exact way every single time every 15-20 minutes. Yeah I know stupidly bland and useless NPC with your own stupid and useless currency for no reason, this is getting monotonous and tedious as fuck. I don’t want to do this as much you don’t want to talk about it.


Saving the Universe should be fun, not profitable.


The profit we were supposed to be making was in enjoyment, I thought wealth was the richness of our experience we were having with our friends. We were supposed to be progressing and getting stronger for the benefit of ourselves and each other and we’ve only just sunken to the most shallow materialistic pieces of shit this side of the Darkness. We defeated Oryx but we didn’t defeat the blights within the hearts of the creators of this game and that seriously hurts. I spent many years devoting myself to this game and this universe, when I had no job and no direction in my life I had this game to fall back on and my friends all we’re there to keep me moving forward. Now there is nothing.


I’m not having fun anymore and I can’t convince anyone else to join my fireteam anymore since they’re also fed up with how boring the game has become.


A new raid isn’t enough, changing how shaders work isn’t going to change anything I have hundreds of those stupid fucks. Backstabbing the community this hard and then trying to fix it with false promises and lies is not going to work. At this point the game is almost a lost cause. Are there still lost guardians out there trying to keep the boat afloat? Sure, I’m often one of them. Does it mean that things will improve over time? Hopefully, I mean The Division made a harsh comeback even if it was a little too late. Seriously go download that game again and try it, the new modes are way more fun than any of the shit you can expect out of Destiny 2. They pulled that fucker out of the grave and give it a bit of spice. It’s hard and brutal, you’ll love it, you might actually need to bring a friend along, wouldn’t that be nice? Two or three bros going out against an insane virus out to wipe out mankind and a bunch of lunatics trying to deal with it in their own crazy way? It’s got a “here’s some shit” gameplay similar to Destiny with some of the gear sets like how Diablo III endgame gets, and acquiring all the sets actually takes some elbow grease. There are even these dumb new patches you can grind your ass for. Shit this is supposed to be about Destiny, uh...


It’s like recently game developers and publishers are playing chicken with their audience trying to see how much grievances they can commit before there is some serious backlash and I think that’s really shitty. They come at you with a crooked ass smile on their face and sell you snake oil and it’s because they think they lulled us into a sense of security and comfort. They pretend that we’re friends. We were friends but when you jerked off on my bed when I’m not around and then take my loose change off my nightstand after you’re done wiping your hands on my pillowcase, I don’t take kindly to that type of bullshit. Fuck you, get out of my house and don’t ever think of coming around here again.


This game is crippled by greed. Which is pretty stupid at this specific time, the economy is pretty much fuckered at this point. How do you expect me to afford this $90 game, the DLC that comes out almost every 3 months and all these stupid ass in-game items. Do the developers of this game think I don’t play any other games? Does Destiny 2 not realize that it’s in the fucking Battle.net app? It’s sitting right next to Overwatch and Diablo III, not to mention WoW and that’s just Battle.net, my steam library is practically killing itself laughing at how pathetic of a list of games that is. If you want to steal me away from my other games that I can play without all the stupid ass loot box bullshit go ahead and try but you have to make a really enticing game. I’ll tell you right now, there is an entire PSN library out there that will gladly steal hundreds of thousands of hours from me if Destiny 2 doesn’t step it’s game up. You have to be real entertaining son of a bitch to compete with the other games out there and that limp that Destiny 2 has isn’t exactly providing any confidence in their ability to perform.


It’s also crippled by lust in a sense. Destiny 2 is like the shallow chick (or dude, we’re all pieces of shit in the end, I mean like in the Fight Club sense we’re all the same dying organic matter but what I really wanted to illustrate here was that we’re all going to be eaten and pooped out eventually but that doesn’t happen, welcome to the top of the food chain, isn’t that strange that other creatures in this world just die by being eaten. Like I’m not going to go vegan or anything any time soon but it’s just strange to think that somewhere there is an animal just being eaten alive and it’s like: well this is how it goes man. shit.) at the bar, yeah she seems really pretty for appearances sake but the more you get to learn about that person you really just realize what a shallow husk of an existence they seem to live. It’s really depressing and not in a Simple Plan - Untitled sort of way but in a My Chemical Romance - I’m Not Okay (I Promise) sort of way and we’re all just waiting to Wake Me Up When September Ends with Green Day patting us on the back and giving us the “well I kind of knew it would always come to this, don’t say I didn’t tell ya so” sort of look that is full of pity and a slight tinge of sadness. Dude remember how insane their eyeliner was back in the American Idiot video, I wonder if they ever stopped doing that... well it was going pretty damn strong up until I think recently. I just got done watching the Back In The USA video where they seem to have dialed it back a bit. All good things must come to an end it seems. Damn this song is actually really catchy. What was I talking about?


Right I’m making some really low effort Seven Deadly Sins metaphor here when I’m not actually going into each one, more or less just picking two and just tossing it aside. It served its purpose I guess, we’re moving on now.


I feel like there aren’t many very memorable moments in Destiny 2. It’s like its just supposed to all wash passed us and we’re supposed to just enjoy the moment-to-moment actions (how very Buddhist) but the average gameplay cycle is so desolate and boring that there really isn’t any sort of fulfilment being achieved (Nirvana: not found). There is no focus on a future, there is a progression system sure, so getting better loot makes sense but when we defeated the main villain in the fucking story campaign and we’re left with what? Picking up the scraps? That’s fucking stupid. There is almost no evil left is lurking unless you count the same boring ass war that is always ongoing. We’re guardians we don’t fight wars, we’re supposed to be doing the important shit, leave the warring to the fodder. It’s like, well you defeated the main boss, so go kill his master that was choked out during the cutscene and apparently didn’t die even though it appeared that way. That made zero fucking sense if you ask me. We saw his lifeless body hit the fucking tarmack like a sack of potatoes and you will have me believe that he still had enough vitality to be a fucking raid boss?! Lick the undercheese from my undernuts whoever the fuck wrote that in the game.


There was this slight hint to these giant ass triangle ships back when the story ended but then they never really went into that. We’re they vex? We’re they a new enemy type? Hey that would be fucking cool. Bringing in a new enemy type would actually breath a lot of new life into the game. They reuse assets in Destiny 2 like they’re going out of style and they only hired one art intern for the summer and then they just cut him loose and just used what he spit out his ass in the short time frame he was there. Remember back in Destiny how you could fight the Flayers and even though they were just slightly bigger Psions but with some cool headgear and you could just run the strike over and over again until you got the rare drop for the headgear and you could wear it as a Hunter like some sort of weird grave digging piece of shit. Like hey look at this corpse I wear on my head that is all neon and shit. Hell yeah, that was badass. Collecting fucking scalps boys. War is hell and we’re probably the most fucked up people in it, they don’t just send in anyone to fight these goddamn battles, let’s show some fuckign grit. That shit was cool, boss and strike specific weapons and gear was such a goddamn good idea and they just scraped that shit, too gameplay focused, we gotta have something that can’t be easily obtained and then skinned for cash, fuck that.


One of the most annoying problems with the Osiris DLC (among the laundry list of problems) for me personally was that the old style vex behaved identically to the new style vex. “Well you see the Vex are a collective mind…” Okay, so that makes zero sense when they don’t have the same attacks as the Vex in Destiny. If they’re so fucking collective why not just make them carbon copies of the stupid ass Vex in the first version of Destiny, it’s not like a shit ton of time has passed, why even bother making them different!? Is it because the developers were just too fucking lazy to think of new movesets for the new looking enemies? Because original ideas are fucking hard to come up with? Let’s just slap a new coat of paint on these tedious fucks and act like they’re special when they’re the same fucking thing as normal enemies they just look slightly different, what the fuck! They serve no purpose except for an idea and a few pieces of dialogue. It’s supposed to tie into the whole time motif going on with the DLC but it’s not even worth mentioning if just results in the same shit if they were to use the same stinky Vex we’ve been fighting this whole time. If they’re from different times they should behave differently. Stop half assing a bunch of things and full ass the important shit and fix this goddamn shit show of a game.


Why bother?


That seems to be the rallying call of this game and it’s ridiculous. You would say that sort of thing in Destiny but it was more because of the intricacies of the exotic quests was so goddamn complex that it would take you a week to even obtain one weapon even if you had a solid fireteam. I’ll never forget the conditions and requirements to acquire the Black Spindle in Destiny. I still remember it to this fucking day, it was that impactful, it was that insane, you had to do it on a specific nightfall week that wasn’t always around so if you missed your chance you had to wait another month or two or three for it to come back into the rotation. You had to do some sneaky shit in the middle of the nightfall to trigger the event to get the gun and before all that shit you had to make sure you even had the quest and had completed the requirements of that quest up until that point or you were wasting everyone’s goddamn time. Go watch a guide on this shit, even the mission itself was this crazy intense battle with a lot of running and being scared and fighting for you life. It almost still to this day gives me shivers. Oh and the Black Spindle fucking kicked ass and chewed ass because there wasn’t enough gum and ass kicking going on to satisfy its bloodlust. You don’t have those adrenaline filled moments with your fireteam in Destiny 2 anymore and it’s really fucking tragic.


Squads, the importance of having your friends by your side. Raid groups and fireteams were essential in Destiny. One person underperforming doomed your raid to fail no matter how flexible you were. No matter how good and leveled and properly manicured your class was to perfection. Having dead weight in your raid party was a problem. That problem doesn’t exist in Destiny 2, you can almost 2 man the nightfall and not have any problems, that was goddamn nearly impossible in Destiny unless you were with your main homie and you guys kept swapping loadouts to compensate and one of you better be fucking running radiance. You had to have deep trust in you and your friend’s capacity to play the game. Destiny 2 we’re all overpowered dumbfucks so any random ragtag group of idiots can almost complete the raid even if they don’t speak the same language. They have to look up a quick tutorial and they’re pretty much good to go. The second you learn the mechanics you’re peachy. There seems to be a slight change in focus from the group fighting together as a unit with clean surgical precision. We now have this system that as long as you sorta work together, you’re going to come out on top. You do have to work together and there are some repercussions to not having some sort of teamwork in your group but it seems like the others can really pick up the slack in a raid this time around than in previous raids. I’m not saying the raid in Destiny 2 wasn’t difficult at first, but it didn’t remain that way. As I think back to Destiny and the raids in that game, every single time was a fucking agonizing bitchfest that only got better the more times we did it with the same group over a solid month or two. Destiny 2 I was queueing up with strangers with like 1 or 2 of my friends and just calling it good. Explaining the rotations is a lot less annoying. You could argue those are good things, but simplicity doesn’t always mean fun. Also the less struggle there is the less expectation I have for rewards. The beauty of the pain and anguish of a Destiny raid was the sweet sweet rewards given at the end that would replenish and revive your corrupted soul. It was like being reborn when you got those tasty drops that would just turn your dick into a doomspike. The raid loot in Destiny 2 is only comparable to the other loot you can get in the game and that’s the god honest truth. They’re completely forgettable. I had almost every weapon with duplicates and I completely forgot because you can just use whatever the fuck you want in Destiny 2 and it almost doesn’t matter. Even the stupid Mastercraft weapons they added only have a slight boost over the standard weapons, it’s jokes. I remember when wearing the raid weapon on my back got me friend invites while I was in the Tower. I remember when having the prestige raid weapon meant having the biggest dick in town until the expansions came so it was the HERE COMES BIG DICK, Y’ALL BETTER LOOK THE FUCK OUT show for several months while I sheppard pour souls through the raid in my spare time. I still have Vietnam flashbacks to the first time we completed the Oryx raid, it took 13 HOURS with people coming in and out of the party the whole time after hours of wipes. We had to perfectly connect our mind, bodies and souls together in perfect harmony to finally get that son of a bitch killed. I still remember the feeling of relief, the post raid commentary we had with one another, the happiness we felt, I remember walking outside into the chilly morning air and screaming with joy that we had finally done it. There are very few moments in my gaming history that will ever compare to that moment. Then on the other hand the Destiny 2 raid took maybe 4 to 6 hours at most with a group of kids who had did nothing but make mistakes and kept making the same mistakes so we would just swap those people around and eventually we would just get passed the checkpoint. The Oryx raid took almost a whole weekend, the Leviathan raid I did after work one day. When I had completed the Oryx raid I remember being a Full-Time-Guardian as they called us, and I had put my time in and was still the lowest member of our party; we completed the Leviathan raid the week it came out.


The classes in Destiny 2 suck a lot of dick. I probably should have gotten to this point way earlier in this article but I really didn’t come across my mind until now. The main reason was because I was so blinded by my insane rage about the other parts of the game that this one almost flew under the radar but this is just as stupid as the rest of the shit in this garbage heap. So, what did they actually do to screw it up this time? Well the Solar class for Titan’s is the first thing I can think of, they completely butchered this class and it’s kind of sad because it was OP as fuck in Destiny. I still have footage somewhere of these guys just tearing up PVE and PVP alike with their god-tier classes. They were insane and it’s like for Destiny 2 they just nerfed them into the floor. The Titans have been neutered for the most part. When you came across a Titan in PvP you knew you were in for a bad time (mostly because I’m a Hunter main) and you better either snap that fuckers head off with sniper or you best think of some way to cheese them down. Now they’re not so harmful. Do they still have way better “resilience” and “recovery” than the other classes? Sure, they can take a few more hits, but with SMGs and shit now in the game, it’s hardly a problem. They also kind of fucked with the way heavy spawns now, it seems like they spawn way more often in PvP now, I’m not sure if that’s something that I just think is happening or if it's the same as Destiny but I’m pretty sure back then you only got Heavy like once or twice a match if you were lucky. I might be wrong. I do know that battling over those spawns were a lot more hectic than they are now, they’re kind of on both sides now and a bit safer than previous PvP maps it seems. Alright so Titan’s got nerfed, kinda, the Arc class is still pretty good and the new Void class is more offensive based and less bubbles and shields (kind of stupid but whatever Destiny, I guess having Blessings or Weapons just isn’t cool or hip these days, who needs buffs when we’re all walking death camps, am I right?) Having those walls instead of bubbles is kind of ridiculous but I guess having more shields on every class makes slightly more sense than just tying it to Void class and having to make conscious decisions about shit is just too difficult. I guess being a good player and making loadout changes based on the situation just isn’t happening with the kiddos these days eh, EH!


So then we got Warlocks which pretty much got buttfucked out of Radiance so no more resurrecting yourself, which is great for killing them in PvP, and makes them slightly useless in Raids now, the reason you would run a Warlock in the first place was to run Radiance so you could self-res if needed. Well so what do you get instead? A stupid ass sword, congratulations on getting fucked over there, you float in the air and get shot dead as your slow moving sword slashes are dodged and kills no one. Ouch. Void class is still intact and the Arc class is still as OP as I can remember, so that’s weird. What kind of weird fucked up balance did they have in mind when they came up with this shit.


Hunters are pretty much identical as Destiny except we have this lame Staff instead of the cool Blade we had, I understand that the blade made the melee stuff weird but it was probably a hundred times cooler and made sense for a Hunter, where the fuck did this staff come from? My ass?! Stupid, I’m supposed to be sneaky, it’s hard to be sneaky when I suddenly have this giant pole shooting out my asshole and I’m smacking people on it while doing this creepy pole dance. Thanks a million. Good to see that Destiny devs still give zero fucks about Hunters considering they gave us no resilience armor, no recovery armor and left our classes pretty much untouched. The exotics are almost the same except they took away our snipers and class-specific hand-cannons and gave us a sword? A sword. Okay. Who the fuck goes hunting with a sword. They have more of an emphasis on speed now but even the speed increase that you get from full mobility gear is barely noticeable, it’s fucking ludacris.


Alright the last thing I think I can write at this point and not lose my mind since this is the like 2nd day of writing this and it’s been several hours is the weapons. They introduced new weapons in the game, that’s a fucking good thing. I naively said to myself when I first started playing the game but to my surprise it completely fucking ruined the gameplay. So we have SMGs now, that’s kinda cool, it’s a neat idea, quick fast engagements with these super fast weapons at closer ranges, sounds like a good time. I mean that would be the case if some of the rifles didn’t already shoot nearly as fast as the SMGs and you can just hip fire the rifles and do the same exact shit pretty much. I mean it kind of solved the problem where some of the rifles had really inconsistent fire rates and impacts and now that’s all sort of streamlined but it wasn’t really necessary, we sort of knew what we were getting into when we equipped a Doctor Nope or Unbent Branch and we understood that it didn’t have the range, impact and damage of a Shadow Pierce. You notice how I know the names of all these guns? Because knowing your guns was fucking important in Destiny and how I can barely remember any of the names of the guns in Destiny 2 because they’re all pretty much interchangeable. I mean I do know some, like the Better Devils which is pretty much the only handcannon you need in the whole game. In fact it might be the only primary you need besides a semi-decent assault rifle that has a larger clip for those bullet sponge enemies you encounter from time to time.


The grenade launchers are ass, they’re all pretty much awful except The Colony which could have just been a rocket launcher and called it a day because it fits snuggly into that class of weapon. So they almost did good with adding new weapons but they kind of stumbled and it really fucked up the way that you can equip weapons now. Since snipers are no longer secondary weapons you have to exchange them for rocket launchers and no one in their right mind is going to do that when the clips for snipers have been greatly reduced, they don’t do enough damage to warrant switching from a rocket or two which has a lot of crowd control elements to it and it always deals a shit ton of damage plus splash damage so even if you miss in PvP, you’re going to get the kill. Miss a snipe and you’re pretty much fuckered. At least in Destiny they had massive clips and secondary ammo wasn’t hard to come by so you could spam them or get sick nasty kill streaks with them if your aim was hot. Everyone just uses Swords and Rocket Launchers because they yield more reliable and consistent kills and snipers need way more incentive for use and there are so few good snipers in Destiny 2, it’s fucking sad. It was a crowning achievement to be a really good hunter sniper and now that is pretty much not a thing anymore.


Why are sidearms both primary and secondaries? Fucking get rid of them, they’re just as useless as the stupid SMGs at this point, they serve the same purpose but they have even smaller clips. There is a clear lack of direction when it came to the weapon system in Destiny 2 and its fucking agonizing. They had a working formula in Destiny, just stick with that and leave it be, just make more interesting weapons of the current archetypes and just go, what the hell was so hard? We have to go and try and make new weapons to appeal to who? To just fuck up the balance and now there is this oversaturation of bullshit and it’s like pick a goddamn lane with the sidearms already. You have hand-cannons doing the same thing, oh sometimes they’re primaries and sometimes they’re energy weapons, wow. Pick a goddamn class and stick to it, hand-cannons are primaries and sidearms are secondaries, done. I just figured it out for you, now go fix it. I hate that they made it sound like we had our primaries that are kinect and the secondaries and heavies were all “energy weapons” if that’s the case, let them use the same goddamn ammo and make their loadouts ambiguous like how you’re trying to do the dumb shit with the pistols. Let me equip a sniper and a rocket launcher and a kinect of my choice, let them have the same ammo drop pool so there is more ammo more often or something. Why not just keep them in Secondary and Heavy class if that isn’t the case, why do you have to muddy the waters so much with all this misguided bullshit.


We had structure and we had rules and now it’s just chaos and it’s pretty much the most retarded shit I’ve had to put up with. They turned secondaries from my right nut to my left nut, they were always reliable, always by my side and now it’s like I don’t really give a shit about secondaries at all. I mostly just use the primary and my heavy because the secondary class weapons are just so underwhelming. I try and make the best loadout I possibly can with the weapons I have but sometimes I feel like they managed to somehow take the fun out of that as well. The new loadout system is kind of boring, how in the hell can you make guns boring, jesus. You used to have confidence going into battle, you had confidence in your loadout, now you’re like: well maybe i’ll just equip two assault rifles or two pistols or two scout rifles aha, because I can do that with this stupid ass kinect secondary/energy weapon system. It goes completely against the fucking rules we had before, this is anarchy, I didn’t realize that we were in the goddamn Wild Wild West here with Will Smith. The more I think about this the more sad I get so I’m just going to stop.


I think the biggest problem I have is that Destiny made me suffer. It made me suffer a lot and it forced me to get good. You had to know your shit, you had to know how to aim, how to dodge, how to jump, how to be the best goddamn guardian you could be and then they just take all the challenge and the importance of being a good hard dedicated guardian and replaced with with this pansy ass fucking new system that makes me want to uninstall the game and burn my fucking Hunter class hat. I loved you Destiny, you were the cold hearted bitch that I needed to straighten out my life and now you’re just an easy club bitch who calls me wasted to tell me something awful.


You see what we wanted out of Destiny 2 was a loyal ride or die bitch but all we got was some scrub who turned on us, stole our credit cards while we weren’t looking and then called the 5-0 after they smoked most of our stash and bounced. I Don’t Fuck with You pretty much sums up my feelings for Destiny 2 at the current moment. We might have a few hit it and quit it moments here and there (like Heartbeat) but for now Destiny has completely lost my loyalty and it’s really tragic since it was once wifey material.












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