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April 9, 2013

WOLF by Tyler, The Creator is probably my favorite album right now.

If you were convinced that Tyler couldn't do better than Goblin, I'd have to call sit you down and force you to listen to WOLF. For one, Goblin took a couple of listens to get into, WOLF seduced and had me swoon after a few songs. The production on this album creates a more polished product but still has that great OFWGFTA flavor. 

You get the rage tracks and those few romance tracks thrown in as per usual. Hitting topics close to Tyler, such as his family dealing with financial issues, drug dealing, problems with his father, past relationships and his relationship with fans. The whole album has this underline narrative where WOLF is interacting with the other "band members" that create the songs on WOLF.

There are 18 tracks of satanic satirical bliss of which all transition flawlessly into each other and lead you on this journey that will leave you listening to this album on repeat to experience this personal musical voyage over and over again. You traverse from Tyler's home, to the streets, to the lake, to the studio and back again. The setting is constantly changing and you feel as though you are floating along as the soft tracks guide you down these misguided chronicles.

The contrasts in this album really hit hard and add some tension and emphasis where it is needed, while at the same time adding some much needed and expected comedic relief that will leave you laughing at times at the absurdity of what you've just heard. This is what Tyler does and does well, he is able to take some subject matter and twist and turn it and find the absolute best flow in which to deliver his messages to his listeners where the flow is so fluid that it is easily transfused into our souls.

WOLF isn't for the faint of heart, and not everyone will enjoy what Tyler has to say, but if it is rap that you like and you don't listen to WOLF, I honestly think you're missing out on some actual talent. It doesn't have to do with the popularity or how mainstream that Tyler's music is, but how real and brutally honest it is. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone or anything it would seem and how his persona is portrayed but you can see the effort put into his music. Honestly it's this brutal honesty that is missing and it is well received and thoroughly enjoyed.

author:  clearskyy





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