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August 12, 2013

Wake up people, time to kick that "case of the mondays" in the teeth.

So this wonderful little track fell into my lap today thanks to the gentlemen running the Monstercat twitter, they're promoting one of their promoters, interesting concept. At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised to run into this track which was attached to the tweet and holy crap is it a good one.

I always have this sense of disappointment in myself when I happen across stuff like this because I'm always wondering "what the fucking shit have I been doing with myself to have missed this". I'm sure some of you out there can agree with this sentiment.

Moving on, this song starts out mellow and builds to an apex and plateaus nicely keeping the jumpy excitement going for a strong 5 minute ride. Occasional breaks with violin to sooth the senses and whet your apatite for more and by golly does this track deliver. Did I just use "by golly" just back there? Yes, yes I did.

I left the playlist on for a reason, not to take away from this song, but this one sort of comes in pairs because the track by PANTyRAiD that comes right after it is almost a crime to miss. It deserves its own post to be honest, but I felt like having the playlist in place will give you more than what you want, leaving nothing left to be desired, at least for today.

Enjoy and I'll see you guys later.

author:  clearskyy





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