Song of the Day, lord knows how many or how often I'll do these, but when I do come across a tune of an epic enough scale that I feel the need to write about it, I'll do so. That's why we're all here after all, to hear some good music. Hopefully I can find some good enough shit for you guys.

More than likely these songs will show up in my soundcloud, but I do have a tendency to clean that up a bit from time to time in which case you'll just have to come here! that isn't much of a problem is it? Just bookmark it, you'll live.

So this thing, I almost skipped, actually pleasantly graced my earholes and left quite a decent impression on me given that its spams tags like a whore on instagram.

The heavy bass and the high chiptune adds some nice dynamic that I can't help but fall for like a brick falling off the top of a building and crashing into someone's very expensive car. I can't say I'm entirely overly impressed by the vocals on this track, but I'll live. "It's fucking bedtime" copped a giggle, but it drifts off and  I find myself trying to hear what else this person is saying, oh well who cares, there is more of the song to enjoy. The synth plays along and keeps things interesting adding a nice bounce. Very light quick chip to string things together, this is the type of tune you wish was playing in your games, at least I do, gives me a very "horror" game feel to it, while at the same time being playful enough to be uplifting.

At any rate, listen, enjoy, and I'll see you guys later.



author:  clearskyy





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