audio #11

October 2, 2013

1 // Hazel (The Apparition)
2 // Rothenberg
3 // Cut Throat
4 // Inamorata
5 // Violence
6 // Empress
7 // In Ruin
8 // The Grieving
9 // Gods
10 // Child Heart

Hazel (The Apparition)
Let it out!
Breathe out the last your lungs can give,
Let the embers pulse and flow through your veins,
and glow beneath your skin.
Let it out!
Take your place with the phantoms,
Your heart is not your home,
just a vacant, lifeless, temple,
cold and left alone.
Let it out!

Think not of what you've lost and left in this life.
Just know you'll be embraced in the arms of your wife.
I'd like to think you're close, yet distant.
Pass on my lovelies, the peace and calm is calling you.

Closer to the end.
I watch your body quiver,
Closer to the end.
and shake and bend.
How long can you disguise? 
guide me through,
I still hear the melody inside you.

Think not of where you are, and stop seeing with your eyes,
That's Hazel the apparition, she's young and wise.
Do you hear the drums in the distance? Be silent and listen.
Do you hear the drums in the distance? Watch her spirit glisten.

She's of my nation, watch her dance amongst the dead.



He's just a simple man,
unlike anybody else.
He loves the smell of burning flesh,
He loves the scent of hell. 
You can see the flames above the palms they light up the sky,
they anger the horizon. 

He's living off machines,
and he's slowing his breathing still,
Sewn in gauze,
He won't, he won't, know what it's like, to feel lost.
Leave your flesh behind.
My son, my son, you'll simply have to … burn! 

Oh but drowning’s far too sweet,
feel the hate in heat.
but gasoline is cheap,
we'll do it while you sleep. (while you sleep)

Your marbled skin,
parades his sin,
and if you survive,
you'll feel so alive. 

His Marbled skin, 
Parades his sin, 
and if you survive,
you'll feel so alive. 



Cut Throat
Oh dear sweet sister,
I can't believe we're alive.
just hear our voices.

Your hatred could burn a nation,
Black lunged we breathe. 
I brace myself for violence,
through clenched jaws we teethe.
You connect yourself with wires,
to pale scorched skin.

Life leaves me empty.

I'll take his life for you,
Just like you want me to.
So dry your eyes,
Breath in you’re weeping,
I know we've not been sleeping.

We hide amongst dust and ashes,
cracked photos and glass.
Why would you want to shake me?
No doubt you'll break me.

Stay, stay quiet, not a whisper, not a sound.
You've left me fucking furious!
It's fear that makes him strong.
The same fear that keeps us calm.

No I, won't let, him graze, your skin, no not ever again.
Or he'll wake to find a cut throat. 

Are you ashamed to listen?
You're a broken shell, you coward, you liar, you thief.
Now look at the man you wish you could be. 



I know a girl,
who surrounds herself with golden skulls,
and dark black curls.
I know a girl,
who pales from lightning,
she strays from a storm,
yet makes my ankles weak.

I'm made to love with you, inamorata.
I'm made to fill up your scorched up ocean heart.

We sleep sweet in moonlit air,
tangled up in sheets, roll back her heat, 
and I'll be the better man, in everything I can.
I'm a little worse for wear,
but I'll take her everywhere.

And my skin doesn't speak,
you're so much more than this ink,
That's just the love I've lost...

We're closer with distance. 



Oh my god.
Let him speak.

No he's not abusive,
just ultra violent with his eyes. 
you're so fucking intrusive,
He's north river baptized, and he just needs…

the sound of bullets,
and the ache behind your eyes,
when you claw beneath,
with such urgency,
it breathes fire to his life.

It's his sickness, that's spoiled the sheets.
Gold flaked covered faces, blood and rain in the streets.

what have you done?
Where is your son?
Oh my God,
There's blood in her hair…

He's no man,
No father!
I know who lives behind those eyes. 
He's murderous…

I'll show you violence. 

And the grit under nail,
from your fatherhood fail.
May she rest by the river,
in young cold water quiver. 



Just close your eyes, and listen.
Do lost voices fill your air? 
Yet through that hell, you glisten. 
Wind and feathers in your hair. 
You're truly royal.

I can hear them sing, 
(and laugh in the afterglow)

They can't steal your life and vibrance,
they won't live to hear you breathe. 
These bastard sons won't silence all of these kids, 
(these kids) Will watch them burn for what they did,
(bow to her) my Indian Empress. 

For the past and prisoned, those left for dead.
May the mother hold you that much closer.
May the beds be softer where you sleep, 
Rest young child your soul we'll keep. 
They've spit on the sacred, our elders and kin.
Dear god forgive me, they'll burn in their sin. 

You can hear the dead.
You just need to listen. 
We'll see how you like it…
Kerosene and maggots. 
Cage you up, cage you up,
and treat you like Animals.



In Ruin
I'll wade out and wait out, and sink to the lake bed.
Because I'm down to drown and drown it out.
The feelings of desperation.
Let the liquid explore my lungs, fill up and expand the chest.
This is my only time to rest.

It's all so poetic, yet we're all leaving.
So why are we grieving?

Invite me to stay,
This is the only road that seems worth taking. 
I've never felt this shade of grey.

I'll taste the breeze in passing,
And force my way to the rocks.
The stones are my canvas,

I hear her calling me home.
I hear her calling,
Take me away,
Because I'm just that kind of swine.
Invite me.



The Grieving
Through our insides we ache and turn,
for the lives we ash out in urn. 
We hold on,
and we walk through shattered porcelain. 
soft we lay them down,
under stone… 

Are you drowning in the grieving?
Colors greying when you see?
Clarity and love are waiting through the fold.
Through the grieving you can hold.



Safe in their own sweet wild wood.
They lay to rest and join the sands.
Enwrapped in pale blue moonlight,
Our fair Aurora paints the night.

The pious murmur, hushed voices,
That they won't sleep in cloud.
Just sulfur flashes from lakes of ashes.
I'll switch up the skin, just let them in!

So tell me my Gods,
will our loved and lost answer to only you?
In search of clarity.
with a heart this frozen.
Just speak true to me.
I, I can't stand,
I can't stand by the thought that we won't find rest.
In search of clarity. 
Will my loves be chosen.
With a heart this frozen.

Young castaway,
Swim into your ocean.
Hold me closer.
While I wait for closure.

I can promise you silence,
But I won't promise no violence.
But abandoned crosses make him the crossest,
Only lives lived with purity.

I'm just exhausted,
For those accosted.
I'll give you life,
I'll give you love,
I'll swallow death.
I'll give you my breath.
Paint you new life.



Child Heart
I've never dealt well with anger, I barely let it sink in.
I was far too scared to scar you, and tear your scent straight from your skin.

I'll bite and gnaw through the anger, choke down the bitterness and bliss. 
What I say can't change actions, what I say can't bring you back.

There was a loss of glow behind these eyes.
Just open up and let me stir your insides.
There was a loss of love in our lives. 
You left us to die. 

Your sweet child heart, loved me from the start.
Your eyes give way for castaways.
Oh I love you so, so much I'll let you go.
You're mine to take, and mine to break.

I can handle our failure, but I can't handle our loss.
And I won't grin and dance in ashes, while tears flow through your lashes?

Love, why can't we fight it?

Back up your words of passion, cry cascades and mourn our kiss. 
You are far too free and silent, I knew you'd fucking quit. 

Is this what you wanted?
Then get the fuck out!

There is still so much I love in you, so much to miss. 
Have the shores left you scarred?
Through the sulfur you can swim,
just swim closer, and let me in. 


author:  clearskyy





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