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May 7, 2013

So if you're not really paying attention to releases or not following the right people on twitter but love EDM, and/or Knife Party you're in for a treat. Just yesterday Knife Party released their Haunted House EP which has 4 massive tracks on them. I've already listened to it several times (considering there are only 4 tracks) and they're all pretty intense. Back again for another round is Internet Friends with that oh so familiar rhythm and bass that you've grown fond of over since it's release. Well today there is a VIP of that song which I would say is an improvement. Many different parts of the song have been reworked and spit back out at us, with much of the greatness intact. 

There are 3 other songs which are amazing and will grace your earholes with more bass than  you can shake a stick at. Powerglove becomes an instant favorite in my book, very powerful. EDM Death Machine seems to be a popular one from what I've seen. I'd have to say this EP doesn't disappoint which is important because releasing 4 killer tracks is far better than releasing 10 or 20 and half of them being complete shit.

As always I look forward to more music from Knife Party and hope they release a full album in the near future.

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