audio #5

April 9, 2013

Kitty Pyrde, probably isn't that well known outside of tumblr which is sort of a shame considering how well she can put words together. Honestly she doesn't rap about anything particularly special outside of being bored, romantic issues, and other assorted things related to young adult life. She definitely has a niche market but her lyrical style is refreshing and the often mellow and slight echo of her songs have a transfixing effect.

There isn't much of her out there but you can find her via tumblr or just Google kitty pryde.. she does have some of her songs out for free download which is worth a listen even if its only a few songs that you like. Her songs are easily relatible and the soft and quirky nature is enjoyable to listen to even if her antics aren't that exciting.


author:  clearskyy





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