Hey there. I want you to follow my lead here.
Dim the lights. Dim them a bit more. That's better.
No need to unzip. The music will take care of that part. 
Light a candle. Which means you will have to dim the fucking lights again.
Prepare your earholes for groovy sex magic.

The relatively new single from Daft Punk does three things:

1. Repeats the same stuff over and over again, in true Daft Punk form.
2. Makes ladies oooooh and ahhhhh in ways you can't, because you don't have a robot penis.
3. Makes my penis rage with the lust of a thousand hot suns.

Sit back, enjoy the song, and think about what the newest member of clearskyy.net is doing to this song. It is as majestic as it is sticky.

author:  Don-E





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